South Carolina Republican leader who spread coronavirus conspiracy theories dies of Covid – .

South Carolina Republican leader who spread coronavirus conspiracy theories dies of Covid – .

A Republican lawmaker who has frequently dismissed threats posed by the coronavirus has died from complications from Covid-19.
Pressly Stutts, a Republican leader from South Carolina who led a campaign to expel Republican officials who opposed the president of the state party, has died of complications from Covid-19. He was 64 years old.

Mr Stutts and his wife were rushed to hospital earlier this month after the politician complained of having difficulty breathing. Ms Stutts recovered and returned home, but her husband developed pneumonia and was placed in an intensive care unit.

His condition deteriorated and he was placed on a ventilator.

During the pandemic and even in the hospital, Mr Stutts used social media to speak out against coronavirus mitigation strategies, particularly mask warrants. He called the masks an “illusion” and dismissed the severity of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. The Republican also rejected the idea that people should be forced to take the coronavirus vaccines.

“Warrants and coercions DO NOT WORK, especially when it comes to us from a government that has repeatedly lied to the American people,” Mr. Stutts wrote in a Facebook post.

Once hospitalized, his tone changed somewhat as he advised his supporters to take the virus seriously, saying he “has always maintained that Covid is real.”

However, even with this admission, Mr Stutts still advanced unproven theories as to where the virus came from, claiming that it was a “deadly biological weapon perpetrated against the peoples of the world by foreign enemies, and may -be national ”.

Mr Stutts’ death was confirmed on Thursday.

His last Facebook post was made five days before his death. He wrote that he was put on a ventilator and that he “would wake up from this short rest and be back in the game soon!” “

“It’s my OWN decision. I trust God to keep me, ”he wrote. “I ask you to trust him too. “


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