Showing Erin O’Toole a Path to Victory – .

Showing Erin O’Toole a Path to Victory – .

The situation is probably not as gloomy as recent polls suggest. The floor for Conservative support has been over 25 percent in the previous election – even when the right was split in 2000, the Canadian Alliance under Stockwell Day won 25.4 percent of the vote and the Progressive Conservatives of Joe Clark got an additional 12 percent.

But relying on favorable vote divisions is not exactly the king’s bet. O’Toole could do worse than recapture the energy and message delivery Poilievre posted in a recent video called Open the Gates, in which he decried Canada’s “guardian economy”, a place where nothing can. be made or built.

Canada should be “the easiest place to start a business”, “the fastest place to get permission to start something” and “the freest place to trade, work, hire , take risks and even win. It worked on a visceral level, even though real life is a lot messier.

But Poilievre instinctively understands something O’Toole doesn’t – it’s not what you tell voters that matters, it’s how you make them feel.

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