Shopping vouchers and pizza discounts to boost vaccinations among young people – .

Shopping vouchers and pizza discounts to boost vaccinations among young people – .

The offer will be aimed at young adults, but will be open to all ages, which could create a backlash among others who have already had their jabs and were not rewarded for it.

The introduction of new incentives to encourage reluctant groups to get vaccinated showed the “direction of the trip” as ministers pushed to get more people vaccinated, insiders said.

A source from Whitehall said: ‘This is just the start, we expect a number of other companies to get involved. We are trying to move quickly on this point. “

Typically, people will be offered discounts of around £ 10, either on a voucher or a discount code sent to their cellphone, if they can prove that they just received their first jab.

Details of how the program will work are still being finalized, but people might be able to prove they were trapped by submitting a “selfie” photo of themselves to a vaccination center.

Insiders pointed out that the ‘jab vouchers’ plan was funded by the companies themselves and there were no plans to involve public money.

University College London estimates that the total population immunity is now 87%, although they believe the delta variant has moved the herd immunity threshold to 93%.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “This is the next step in helping people get vaccinated and get back to normalcy safely. “

Thom Elliot, Founder of Pizza Pilgrims, added, “By making your jab as easy as grabbing a pizza, we hope we can help our teams and customers get their first and second doses as easily and quickly as possible. “

Almost 90% of the adult population, or more than 46 million people, have received their first vaccine against Covid and 70% of adults – 38 million – have received both doses.


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