Seahawks 27 Chargers 0 – Winners and Losers of Seattle Preseason Finals – .

Seahawks 27 Chargers 0 – Winners and Losers of Seattle Preseason Finals – .

Preseason games aren’t normally fun to watch, but they’re much more palatable when it’s your team on the right end of a one-sided win. The Seattle Seahawks really disappointed in their first two games, but eventually entered the winning column with an emphatic 27-0 blowout against the Los Angeles Chargers.

We haven’t seen Russell Wilson or any of the established stars on offense or defense throughout these shows, which is another way of saying they didn’t get injured in these games. We’ll see them in two weeks.

Here are the latest winners and losers before we head into the regular season.


Marquise Blair

It was a victory for him just to be on the pitch just under a year after his ACL tear. But he started tonight and came to a halt immediately and received a recovery touchdown after his Utah teammate Cody Barton sacked Chase Daniel. It was only the equivalent of a shift for Blair, but it was impressive and a reminder of his potential to make a big contribution to Seattle high school.

Cody Barton

Barton capped a great preseason with that aforementioned bag and added a TFL later. With KJ Wright unlikely to be re-signed and Ben Burr-Kirven out for the year due to injury, Barton believes he has an even bigger role on special teams in addition to more linebacker shots. It may be against mostly saves, but he looks better than he has in his previous two seasons.

Darrell Taylor et Dee Eskridge

I’ll combine these two because Taylor is indeed a rookie and Eskridge is one. Taylor had some nice speed acceleration and had a full sack and split .5 backpack with Kerry Hyder Jr. He showed some flashes of his strength in pre-season and it was his best pre-season outing. -season.

Eskridge electrified with just two touches: a 9-yard reaction sweep and a 19-yard catch in the Chargers’ midfield. He looked quick and fluid and I can’t wait to see him with the first team attack.

Alex Collins

It’s interesting because I think he’s a winner even though he’s not on the list. It was a little odd that he was playing well in the 2nd half, as if to suggest he is suspended for a trade, but if he isn’t he has just undergone a lot of training. A whopping 17 touches for 89 yards and one touchdown, with impressive agility and footwork. He has really improved a lot since his first stint with the team as a rookie and will surely be on an active roster in Week 1 … whether in Seattle or elsewhere.

Geno Smith

Not that Sean Mannion ever threatened his spot, but it was probably the best preseason performance of the six he played in Seattle. He had a better pocket presence than normal and made some smart, precise throws that kept the strings moving and also gave the coaches a chance to assess the receivers. There was nothing special or particularly difficult, but by his standards he was fine there.

Nick Bellore

Oh yeah, this guy started in the NFL as a linebacker. He even intercepted Trevone Boykin during the garbage days when he was a 49er. Six solo tackles and he was quick to pursue the ball carrier. Remember when Will Tukuafu was the back but also the emergency passer? This is a slightly different version of the same.

Michael Dickson

This punt. My God. The hope is that he is not needed that often, but also that when he is called, he gives us that little genius of the boat.

Aaron Fuller

It was a hell of a good save from Fuller on that Dickson punt and he had a 4th conversion down in the 2nd quarter. Times will be tough at Seahawks HQ to determine which receivers will join DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Freddie Swain and Dee Eskridge. Will we only see five WRs or six? Either way, Fuller has had a good preseason outing and the special teams hustle and bustle is always a plus.



There were probably some mediocre performers – Damarious Randall being one of them – but I’m generous tonight and really have no complaints about a particular Seahawk or a specific unit. The referees were quite happy with the flag, however. And obviously that ridiculous blind block call on Rashaad Penny is technically correct, so the problem is with the stupid NFL rule.

Final Notes

  • Gavon Heslop, Myles Adams, Alton Robinson (as usual) and Jon Rhattigan were my other best defensive players, or at least the ones who stood out in a positive way. Heslop may be someone Seattle keeps on the practice squad, but very little is ensured in the outside corner.
  • The offensive line had a really solid performance even through the lower end of the depth table. Jake Curhan has a strong case for being a part of the squad and Stone Forsythe is doing better than anything we’ve seen in his early days. It would be bad news for Jamarco Jones.
  • Kudos to Darece Roberson for the 4th quarter touchdown. Always cool to see those moments for the guys who come a long way to land on the 53 player roster.
  • Josh Johnson is good enough to be on an NFL roster and I think if he is cut Seattle will struggle to bring him to the practice squad. He runs strong and has good balance while maintaining a solid foundation.
  • Rashaad Penny played well. The stats aren’t impressive, but I liked a few of his runs between tackles and he had a volley carry which I thought was a great way to use his skills. I’d be shocked if he didn’t survive the list cuts, even though it seems like every one of his reporting is under scrutiny.
  • DeeJay Dallas may not be playing for precautionary reasons as he hasn’t trained earlier in the week.
  • We made it through the pre-season. Bring the Colts!


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