Sarah Ferguson finally explains her unusual lifestyle with ex-Prince Andrew – .

Sarah Ferguson finally explains her unusual lifestyle with ex-Prince Andrew – .

Sarah Ferguson has finally lifted the veil on her unusual lifestyle with ex-husband Prince Andrew and explained how they co-parent together.

Fergie, 61, married the Queen’s ‘favorite son’ in 1986, after reconnecting with her childhood friend at Royal Ascot the year before. However, things didn’t work out due to their busy schedules and they went their separate ways in 1991.

Andrew was a naval officer, which means they only saw each other 40 days a year during the first five years of their marriage.

But in a new article for The Sunday Times, written ahead of the release of her novel Her Heart for a Compass, Sarah said, “We’re great co-parents together. “

She also explains the couple’s decision for Sarah to continue living at Andrew’s, Royal Lodge in Windsor, whenever she is in the UK.

Fergie and Prince Andrew have remained friends since their divorce



She said: “I travel a lot and have always been able to get around wherever I am at home. If I stay in a hotel, I have the same family photos and the same scented candles around me.

“When I am in the UK I am fortunate enough to stay at the Royal Lodge. I wouldn’t call it my home because that would be presumptuous, ”she added.

Sarah called Andrew a “great man” in a recent interview with the American television show Good Morning America.

“He’s a great man and [our wedding day] was the happiest day of my life, ”she said.

“I would do it again because he was a very good looking sailor, but I fell in love with him and I think love triumphs over everything. “

In the Sunday Times article, Sarah also spoke about her mental health and life as a grandmother after the birth of Princess Eugenie’s son August.

Sarah Ferguson with her ex-husband Prince Andrew and their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie



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She said little August “loves her energy” and enjoys watching her dress in all of her famous hats.

“And when I make helicopter noises, her grandmother is a pilot, after all,” added Sarah, who was the first royal woman to obtain a private pilot’s license.

Fergie previously told PEOPLE: “When little August, my grandson, comes to see me, and now it’s a little easier, I first look at my wonderful and beautiful daughter Eugenie and Jack.

“I am so proud of them as parents. I’ve known Jack for 10-12 years now, so he’s like my son, he’s my son-in-law, but he’s like my son.

“I love them both. To see Eugenie and Jack being step parents of little August, I am really proud. “

Princess Eugenie with her husband Jack and son August, born in February



Eugenie, 31, previously described Prince Philip as the ‘rock’ that kept the whole family together

She also spoke candidly about her battle with her sanity in The Sunday Times, admitting that she sometimes has a hard time coping because she is so sensitive.

She explains how she has a therapist and relies on her friends, family and work to “keep her focused on what is important”.

She added that she was “never complacent” to have been “the luckiest girl of all time”.

But with her openness to her sensitivity, it’s no surprise that Sarah was hurt at being snubbed at Prince William and Kate’s wedding ten years ago.

Sarah Ferguson told Good Morning America that Diana would be ‘so proud’ of Prince Harry and Prince William


The royal wedding was watched by millions around the world, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge inviting 1,900 guests to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

But the Duchess of York, who was a close friend of William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, and who herself had married Prince Andrew at the Abbey, was dropped from the list.

Andrew attended with Eugenie and Beatrice as a devastated Fergie fled to Thailand in an attempt to escape her injury.

“I wasn’t invited and chose to go to Thailand to a place called Camelia and… the jungle kissed me,” she told Oprah in a previous conversation.

Princess Diana with the Duchess of York on a ski vacation in Klosters, Switzerland, March 1988


Sygma via Getty Images)

“It was so difficult. I wanted to be there with my daughters, dress them up and go with my family.

“And also, it was so difficult because the last bride in this aisle was me. “

And in a recent interview with Town and Country Magazine, Sarah said, “I didn’t think I was probably worthy of going to their wedding.

“I went to Thailand to get away from it so that I could try to heal. “

She also praised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Good Morning America, gushing that Diana would be “so proud” of her sons.

“Personally, I would never be able to judge another, so I’m just not like that,” she told the show.

“I wish Harry and Meghan the best of luck and I know Diana would be so proud of her sons and their wives. “

Sarah said Diana, who would have turned 60 last month, was “in her heart” and that she would always love him.

“I always say that it doesn’t matter if you get the love back or you don’t get the love back or whether it’s there or it’s not there, you can love anyway and keep the cuteness”, a- she declared.

“I loved Diana and will always love her even if she’s not there in person. It really is a very nice thing to have. “

Sarah also emphasized her ability to “evolve” and overcome personal challenges, reinventing herself again and again.

“I am 61 years old. I’m just starting my life, ”she smiles.

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