Ryan Reynolds reveals he watched Stray Kids return teasers in ‘Free Guy’ interview with Bang Chan – .

Ryan Reynolds reveals he watched Stray Kids return teasers in ‘Free Guy’ interview with Bang Chan – .

Ryan Reynolds took the time for a special interview with Bang Chan from Stray Kids!
In May, Ryan Reynolds reacted to Stray Kids’ performance “Kingdom: Legendary War”, based on the Reynolds movie “Deadpool”. As Bang Chan has often mentioned being a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian actor even sent gifts to the frontman of Stray Kids and also said he was a new fan of the group.

Following the interactions, the two stars have now spoken face to face for the first time!

Along with the premiere of Ryan Reynolds’ new film “Free Guy,” Bang Chan interviewed the actor via a video call.

Reynolds expressed his excitement about talking to Bang Chan, while Bang Chan said he was extremely nervous. Reynolds replied, “I probably have more questions for you than you have for me, but we’ll do our best here.” “

Reynolds shared, “I’ve watched the ‘NOEASY’ trailer a bunch of times,” revealing that he watched Stray Kids’ Thunderous’ NOEASY ‘trailer and’ CHEESE ‘teaser clip for their upcoming comeback. . He praised it, “You guys do this amazing thing where you kind of mix the music with the kind of action. It’s something I don’t see a lot of people doing, and it’s something I’m going to steal.

After talking about the gifts they sent each other, Bang Chan interviewed Ryan Reynolds about his new movie “Free Guy”. Bang Chan revealed that he really enjoyed the movie and asked about what makes “Free Guy” different, the behind-the-scenes stories, and the message Reynolds wants to get through the movie.

Bang Chan also took to Instagram to promote the film and posted photos the two took together during a video call:

Check out the full interview below:

Also watch Stray Kids on “Kingdom: Legendary War”:

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