Rwanda’s Kagame slams Arsenal after loss to Brentford – .

Rwanda’s Kagame slams Arsenal after loss to Brentford – .

Kigali (AFP)

Rwandan leader Paul Kagame landed at his beloved Arsenal on Saturday after opening the Premier League season with a loss to newcomers Brentford, saying Gunners fans deserve better than ‘mediocrity’.

The veteran chairman and longtime Arsenal supporter tweeted a tirade after Brentford returned to his first top English season in 74 years with a 2-0 win over the Gunners on Friday night.

Kagame, whose country is an official sponsor of Arsenal, said Brentford deserved the win but the Gunners had a soul-searching to do.

“The game itself apart from Arsenal and the fans don’t deserve to get used to it… NO !!! I say this as one of Arsenal’s big fans. The change took too long to come! The president tweeted in a three-part post-game screed to his 2.4 million followers early Saturday.

Kagame, a former rebel leader who has ruled Rwanda since the day after the genocide in 1994, hammered club management on planning and questioned decision-making regarding the acquisition of new players.

“We must NOT excuse or accept mediocrity. A team must be built in order to win, to win, to win. So when we lose… we shouldn’t expect it! Kagame said.

“I’m sure we all know on whose shoulders rests the heaviest burden. I hope they know it too or even accept it !!! “

Rwanda became Arsenal’s official tourism partner in 2018, with players sporting the “Visit Rwanda” logo on their shirt sleeves during matches.

The three-year deal aimed to attract tourists and investors to the small East African country and strengthen its reputation as a safe and sought-after destination.

Kagame often voices his opinions on the club’s performance at summits and on social media.


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