Roman Reigns reveals his two requests to WWE upon his return in 2020 – .

Roman Reigns reveals his two requests to WWE upon his return in 2020 – .

Roman Reigns has revealed that he asked WWE to pair him with Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes when he returned to the company last year.

Reigns walked away from WWE at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year in order to protect his family, but returned to SummerSlam 2020 in August with a character fit and a heel turn.

The tribal leader has since been linked with Paul Heyman on WWE TV and the Universal Champion has revealed that the set-up happened at his request.

Reigns also said that since his return, Michael Hayes has worked closely with him and produced his matches, which he has also asked to know him since he was a child.

Speaking on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast, Reigns said, “I had two requests. I wanted to work with Michael Hayes, he’s my guy. He’s been with me since the days of The Shield and even before that with my family and a lot of people around me have been in close contact and contact with my family, even before my time as a performer, at the when I was just a kid.

“So they have a great history with my family and they took me like family, like blood and these are two guys who play a vital role in my process – Michael Hayes and Paul Heyman. “

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