Rishi Sunak considers suspension of triple state pension lockdown – .

Rishi Sunak considers suspension of triple state pension lockdown – .

Mr Sunak has polled Tory MPs on options for the triple lockdown ahead of a final decision next month.

A senior MP said The telegraph: “A huge increase would be unfair and we must have an exception. “

But even temporarily severing the link with the gains abandoned by the Conservatives in 1980 and reinstated under the Coalition in 2010 would be controversial and risk angering retiree groups.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK, said there was a ‘hard-boiled argument to maintain the triple lockdown now and into the distant future’ because of the UK’s less generous retirement provisions than in the past. ‘other countries.

She said: “It is not surprising that some policymakers are arguing for a different approach on an ad hoc basis. However, it asks a lot of the elderly to believe that any reduction in triple locking would only be temporary, rather than permanent. “

Jan Shortt, secretary general of the National Convention of Retirees, added that nearly 2 million retirees lived in poverty, including 1.1 million in extreme poverty.

She said: “The triple lockdown is a clear promise and they should keep that promise. They should also do what we have always asked them to do, which is to sit around the table and have an honest debate about pensions and the future of pensions.


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