renowned hip-hop producer dies at 53 after ‘battle for Covid’ – .

renowned hip-hop producer dies at 53 after ‘battle for Covid’ – .

Chucky Thompson has died at the age of 53.

The famous hip hop producer has died after a battle with Covid, according to

Some of the biggest names in music have taken to social media to pay tribute to Chucky following news of his sad death.

Rapper Diddy wrote: “I was in shock most of the day. Chucky Thompson was not just someone I made My Life with Mary J Blige and a part of the legendary Hitmen with, he was also one of the greatest humans I have ‘ever met’.

Mary added in her own post, “Chucky and I were and always will be a musical match made in Heaven. He knew how I felt personally and when we worked on the ‘My Life’ and ‘Mary’ albums. He was an angel sent to help me weather my storm. “

Chucky was 53


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Chucky was a famous American hip hop producer, best known for being a member of Bad Boy Entertainment’s “Hitmen” in-house producer team in the 1990s.

He is the source of huge hits that people will remember, such as Big Poppa by The Notorious BIG, You Used To Love Me by Faith Evans and the track One Mic by Nas.

Chucky has worked regularly with Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and TLC, producing a series of hit songs.

Thinking back on his career, he once said to the Recording Academy: “My first real session with Bad Boy was with [producer] Easy Mo Bee. Puff asked me if I wanted to go to the studio and hang out with him.

Chucky was working with Diddy on his new album



Mary J Blige also paid tribute



“I had never met him or anything. I introduced myself to the session; he had a guitar there, and I just started playing with what Easy Mo Bee was doing. He heard it and immediately wanted to record it. It became the guitar parts on Ready to Die. It was always energy. ”

Chucky had recently worked with Diddy, producing tracks on his upcoming album Off The Grid Volume 1, which is slated for release on September 24.

This will be Diddy’s first album in 11 years.

Following the news of his death, Chucky fans took to his Instagram page to share tributes.

“True legend… rest well,” wrote one.

While another wrote: “RIP to a great, iconic producer who created much of the ’90s soundtrack”


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