Raptors’ Ujiri talks about potential Toronto return, player development plans – .

Raptors’ Ujiri talks about potential Toronto return, player development plans – .

While Masaï Employmentthe new contract and the promotion of vice-president do not give him a stake in the Guys‘, sources who spoke to Sportsnet.ca’s Michael Grange believe there could be “fairness-like” elements in the Ujiri deal, such as bonuses based on earnings or on a valuation Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the company that owns the Raptors.

Terms of Ujiri’s new contract with the team have not been announced or reported, so it’s unclear how much the president of Raptors basketball operations is paid or how many years the deal covers. However, given that it has been called a “significant” multi-year deal, Grange says he would be surprised if it wasn’t at least a four or five-year deal.

Ujiri spoke to reporters on Wednesday about his new contract with the Raptors and the team’s offseason. Here are some of the highlights of this presser:

  • Ujiri is optimistic the Raptors will be able to play in Toronto in 2021/22 after spending a season in Tampa, suggesting that there is no real backup plan at this point. “I said (president of the MLSE) Larry (Tanenbaum) and Adam (Silver) and even Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau that playing outside has made us go back a few years ”, Ujiri said, according to TSN.ca’s Josh Lewenberg. “We know that and are up to the challenge, (but) playing another year elsewhere will set us back five years. We are not trying to do that. We have no interest (in playing elsewhere). We have not looked elsewhere, we are not looking elsewhere, we are playing at home; we try to play at home. This is the goal for us.
  • The Raptors could have created a lot of the cap space this offseason and pursued a veteran free agent or two, but they are instead focusing on developing returning young players like OG Anunoby and Malachie Flynn and newcomers love Scottie Barnes and Precious Achiuwa. “I said that when I sat here eight years ago (and) I say it again”, Ujiri said, according to Lewenberg. “We’re going to continue to develop these players and we’re going to find a way to win a championship here based on the development of our players, and anyway, sometimes trades, sometimes you acquire (players) through ‘a free agency. . ”
  • Ujiri added that the Raptors are prepared to be patient with their young players and give them an “opportunity to grow”, rather than trying to take a shortcut to discord, writes Eric Koreen of The Athletic. “There are going to be super teams, there are going to be three superstars on a team and maybe they will have up to 10 someday. this Ujiri. “We’re not going down that road, at least not right now. Our route is to grow our young players and be enthusiastic. It might not be the big three and win now and the super teams. But in our mind, it’s kinda awesome. Super young, but super optimistic.


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