QAnon’s father confesses to murdering his children with a fishing spear over ‘serpent monster’ plot – .

QAnon’s father confesses to murdering his children with a fishing spear over ‘serpent monster’ plot – .

SBetween the birth of his two children and their murders in Mexico, Matthew Taylor Coleman went from a devout Christian praising God to an alleged Illuminati-enlightened disciple of QAnon.
The 40-year-old Californian surf instructor welcomed his daughter Roxy Rain to the world last October with an Instagram post declaring that she was “chosen by God to kill the giants of the country.”

About 10 months later, Mr. Coleman allegedly stabbed Roxy and her two-year-old brother, Kaelo, to death for possessing “snake DNA” passed down from their mother which would see them become “monsters.”

“He knew it was wrong, but [said] it was the only course of action that would save the world, ”said the FBI criminal complaint.

While the arrest affidavit does not go into the details of its “enlightenment” by QAnon and the Illuminati, their references to monsters and “snake DNA” correspond to the “Lizard People” conspiracy. .

The Lizard Conspiracy, also embraced by the Nashville Bomber who blew up his campervan on a downtown street on Christmas Day 2020, claims that blood-drinking reptilian humanoids have controlled the world for centuries since ‘they established the Illuminati.

While the Lizard People’s Conspiracy predates QAnon, it was embraced and embraced by Q supporters after the election of Donald Trump, who they say was chosen to fight the Deep State cabal of pedophiles. blood drinkers who control the world.

“Q” first appeared in obscure online messaging forums like 4Chan with so-called “Q-drops,” cryptic messages believed to come from a senior White House intelligence officer or Mr. Trump himself.

Matthew Taylor Coleman was photographed by surveillance cameras at a Rosarito, Mexico hotel with his children before they were found dead

(Baja California Attorney General’s Office / Document)

As it gained popularity and entered mainstream consciousness, QAnon absorbed already existing conspiracies – like the Lizard People or JFK Jr faking his death – into his expanding doctrine.

Mr. Coleman has made little mention of a group or conspiracy on his social media accounts since the birth of his children.

Instead, he expressed his hope in God and compared the American political climate and global pandemic to the “dark ages” before the “illuminated creative explosion” of the Renaissance.

“While worshiping with friends this weekend, I had an unexpected wave of thoughts and images that overwhelmed me… which well brought me a lot of hope,” he wrote on 23 November 2020.

“What if there was some sort of Great American Renaissance after the years of Covid, censorship and political division. “

At one point, his thoughts seemed to shift from God and the Renaissance to “receiving visions and signs” revealing that his wife, Abby Coleman, had become possessed by the snake’s DNA.

Ms Coleman reported her husband and children missing on Sunday, August 10, after he left the day before without saying where they were going and without contacting her, according to the Santa Barbara Police Department.

They had not had “any kind of argument” and she was not concerned that they were in danger or that her husband would do harm, according to the affidavit.

Using Ms. Coleman’s “Find my iPhone” app, authorities tracked Coleman’s phone traveling between Rosarito, Mexico, and the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego.

Matthew Taylor Coleman owned the famous Lovewater Surf School in California.

(Lovewater Surf)

The father and children stayed at the City Express hotel in Rosarito, according to Telemundo 20.

Investigators say Coleman was seen on a hotel surveillance video recording on Saturday with two children. He was then seen leaving the hotel before dawn on Monday and returning later alone to check in.

As US police headed for the border to search for missing persons, Mexican authorities responded separately to the discovery of “tiny” bodies near a ranch in Baja California.

Rancho Del Cielo welcomes “missionaries from all over the world who come to our state with the intention of establishing the kingdom of heaven of Jesus Christ on earth.”

A farm worker said he was shocked to see blood spattered after outside his home on Monday. As he looked around, one of his dogs led him to “two little bodies”, one of them still in diapers.

The boy was found stabbed 17 times, while the girl was stabbed 12 times. A bloody wooden stake was found near the bodies, according to Baja Attorney General Hiram Sanchez.

“To be honest, I cried. And I immediately warned my manager to call the police to come and investigate, ”said the man, who did not wish to be named. Report to the border.

“I was scared and sad because they are tiny little children who don’t know any better. Hope they find out who is responsible because it is a terrible thing. “

Coleman was arrested by authorities as he attempted to return to the United States at the Tijuana border on Monday. When the FBI learned that he was alone and without his children, they contacted their Mexican counterparts and learned that the two corpses fit Kaelo and Roxy’s description.

Faced with the authorities, Coleman reportedly confessed to the murder.

According to the affidavit, he had traveled to Mexico on Saturday, claiming he put the child in a box because the vehicle did not have a baby seat.

At around 5 a.m. Monday, he drove onto a road near Rancho Del Cielo and first stabbed his daughter with a speargun in the heart, according to the FBI report.

Coleman told officers the little girl did not die immediately, so he had to “move the spear”.

He says he then moved the bodies of the children around 30 in brush. They were discovered by the farm worker about three hours later.

He allegedly drove a few kilometers to throw the murder weapon near a stream, while throwing bloody clothes in a trash can on a road near Tijuana.

Coleman later told guards at the Santa Ana County Jail that he cut his hand “injuring his children,” investigators said.

After the deaths, residents who knew the family in their hometown of Santa Barbara expressed their grief and deep shock.

The couple owned the famous Lovewater Surf School in California. Coleman “looked pretty cool” to local surfer Patrick Woods.

“He surfed on one of the local spots near UC Santa Barbara,” Mr. Woods said. The daily beast. “I surfed with him a few times and never had any issues with him, it seemed like he had it all together, seemed all there mentally – definitely not someone to, like, travel somewhere then murder his children. It is a total mind blowing.

The American and Mexican authorities are working to repatriate the bodies of the two children.


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