Proud Boys leader sentenced to five months for weapons and burning BLM banner

Proud Boys leader sentenced to five months for weapons and burning BLM banner

The leader of the extremist group Proud Boys was sentenced to more than five months in prison for burning a Black Lives Matter banner that had been torn from a historic black church in downtown Washington and for bringing in two weapons magazines high-capacity fire in the nation’s capital days before the January 6 Capitol bombing.

Enrique Tarrio told the court he was “deeply” sorry for his actions, calling them “a serious mistake”.

“What I did was wrong,” Tarrio said during the videoconference hearing.

The Black Lives Matter banner was stolen from Asbury United Methodist Church on December 12 by members of the Proud Boys, authorities say, and set on fire using lighter fluid and lighters.

Tarrio posted a photo of himself holding an unlit lighter on the Talk social media platform and admitted days later in an interview with the Washington Post that he had joined the banner fire.

Police arrested Tarrio on January 4 on an arrest warrant for vandalism of the sign. Tarrio was on his way to Washington, two days before thousands of Donald Trump supporters, including members of the Proud Boys, descended on the U.S. Capitol and disrupted the certification of the Electoral College vote.

When police arrested Tarrio, officers found two unloaded magazines featuring the Proud Boys logo in his bag. Tarrio said, according to a police report, he was selling the clips and the ones he was carrying were bought by a customer.

Tarrio pleaded guilty last month to destroying property and attempting to possess a high capacity ammunition supply device.

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