Protesters at Edinburgh Castle: Angry group ‘seize’ iconic monument – police at scene | United Kingdom

Protesters at Edinburgh Castle: Angry group ‘seize’ iconic monument – police at scene | United Kingdom

A rally of around 30 people descended on the Scottish monument waving pieces of paper and saying they were “legally” taking the castle and “demolishing everyone”. At no time during the many live broadcasts of the protest did they appear inside the castle.

Instead, they gathered near the entrance to the Royal Regiment for Scotland museum around 5.45pm.
Emergency services were called soon after and protesters filmed and questioned police, saying they were regaining control.

Unfortunately for them, the seat of Scottish government is in Holyrood, just over a mile from the medieval fortress.

An eyewitness claimed that members of the public were quickly evacuated after the group arrived.

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“The government has acted treacherously against us the people. ”
It is not yet clear what they meant by ‘treason’ or whether they were aimed at the British or Scottish governments.

News of the capture of the Scottish monument – where James Stuart, the first King of Scotland and England was born in 1566 – has spread like wildfire.

Many social media users have also pointed out the irony of citing Magna Carta – often touted as the first piece of democratic legalization – to stage a coup.

One user posted: “Protesters have taken over Edinburgh Castle apparently claiming Magna Carta law. “

Others have pointed out that the Magna Carta – signed by King John in 1215 – does not apply in Scotland.

One of them wrote: “Fantastic. Edinburgh Castle was seized by protesters under Magna Carta rights.

“Apart from the Magna Carta, it is not the law in Scotland. “

In another video of the “storming”, a protester says: “This building belongs to us. It is a public building.

She added: “We have taken over the castle which belongs to the people.

“We will restore the rule of law. “

By filming herself, the woman then brings in another protester who says that the government’s “betrayal” has gone on for too long and that they “had to” act.

The anonymous protester then said: “We are shooting everyone. “

Gathering her inner courage, she continues: “No more slavery. From that day on, the people of the Commonwealth will be free.

Police officers later arrive at the castle and the woman films herself confronting them.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘Officers are present at Edinburgh Castle and are engaging with a group of people who have gathered on the grounds of the castle. “


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