Problem with train axle forces Confederation Line closure – .

Problem with train axle forces Confederation Line closure – .

The Confederation Line of Ottawa was closed after the axle of an out-of-service train dislodged from the rail over the weekend.
The train was leaving Tunney’s Pasture station and heading for the maintenance facility when the operator experienced an “abnormal and difficult ride,” OC Transpo chief John Manconi said in a note to city council.

“The train was immediately stopped and inspected outside Tunney’s Pasture station. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle had one. [axle] out of 10 off the rail, ”Manconi wrote.

No passengers were on board at the time.

Rideau Transit Maintenance is currently investigating, Manconi said, and light rail service has been halted “on an over-cautious basis” until the cause of the problem is identified.

Instead, R1 replacement buses run along the line.

A sign at the University of Ottawa station warns future LRT users that the Confederation Line is closed on August 9, 2021. Service was suspended on Monday following a problem involving the axle. a train. (Andrew Foote/CBC)

“A major incident”, declares the public transport commissioner

The LRT Confederation Line has been plagued by problems since opening nearly a year late in September 2019.

The list of issues ranges from stuck doors, cracked and flattened wheels, to tracks that buckle in hot weather.

Despite ongoing problems, Transit Commissioner Sarah Wright-Gilbert said Monday’s dislodged axle was more than just another problem.

“This is a major incident, and I think the city needs to take this seriously,” she said. “If there had been customers on this train, it would have been very disturbing for them. “

Wright-Gilbert said she was frustrated with the new issue, but agreed with Manconi’s decision to delay service until the track was in the safest possible condition.

Sarah Wright-Gilbert, transit commissioner, says she is frustrated to learn of the latest LRT Confederation Line malfunction. (Matthieu Kupfer / CBC)

“It’s supposed to be world class service in quotes. We paid $ 3.2 billion for it, ”she said. “It’s frustrating when… we are told at every meeting of the public transport committee all the service that is being done to improve service… and then it happens. “

The City of Ottawa declined to comment.

The Transportation Safety Board said it was gathering more information on what it called a “one-wheel” derailment at a switch just east of Tunney’s Pasture.


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