Princess Diana News: Charles Spencer ‘Thrilled’ by Event at Althorp House | Royal

Princess Diana News: Charles Spencer ‘Thrilled’ by Event at Althorp House | Royal

Princess Diana’s brother took to Twitter to express his feelings about the event that took place last week at his family’s ancestral home. The Earl retweeted a message from the official BBC Northampton account that showed a yellow air ambulance on a path to what appeared to be Althorp. Along with the post, the father of seven said: ‘Delighted to have had the Northants & Warwickshire Air Ambulance Day at @AlthorpHouse today – despite the rain, 4,000 people came to Althorp to find out more about the invaluable service from this wonderful charity. ”

In response to the earl’s initial post, one of the 4,000 visitors responded, “We had a fabulous visit to @AlthorpHouse to see the air ambulance service up close.
“Everyone was very welcoming and informative, the food and drinks went well too.

“Even the weather could not cool our spirits!” Thank you for organizing the event. “

As Hello Magazine reports, the Spencer family has had a busy time, mainly because Charles’ eldest daughter Lady Kitty Spencer married her new husband Michael Lewis in a lavish ceremony in Rome last month.

The three-day Italian celebrations featured five wedding dresses and celebrity guests, including Pixie Lott and Made in Chelsea star Mark Francis Vandelli.
Kitty, however, broke tradition in one regard, as her father did not accompany her down the aisle.

Instead, the bride chose to give the important role to her brothers Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp and Samuel Aitken.

The news comes after it was reported that Princess Diana and Sweet Kitty share many similarities in appearance and style, but there’s one trait in particular that sets them apart – personality.

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It is indeed very easy to spot the contrast between the very beautiful Spencer women because “there is a world of difference between them and not only in their roles as brides.

“Kitty’s and Diana’s body language signals are totally opposite.

“Kitty’s smile is perfect and her eye expression confident. “

Ms James continued, “Diana’s smile was more complex.

“We can now see the photos of her prettiest smiles, but between them there was a whole slew of other fleeting expressions ranging from fear to sadness and a sense of reflection on the massive life stage that she was. taking. “

When she married Prince Charles, “Diana’s levels of control were low or non-existent.”

Ms James added: “We saw a young girl get swept up in the flow and come to terms with the fact that there could be ‘three in this marriage’. “

However, the expert explained that when Princess Diana was 30, “more empathy and similarity” with Kitty can be found.

“Diana had emerged from the ruins of her marriage stronger and much less idealistic.

“This girl who grew up with romance novels was much more learned and suspicious.

“She might have even been slightly impressed with Kitty, who seems to have been so carefully in control of her own life. “

However, Diana’s niece still looks stronger and more confident than the princess ever was.

Ms James said: “Kitty is a model and confident woman in her thirties, appearing perfectly in control and able to absorb all the focus and interest without any signs of anxiety or negative emotion.

“With Kitty, we look at her beauty but don’t share her moments personally.

“If there’s a narrative, it’s more like a Vogue fashion shoot,” she said.


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