Prime Minister’s climate spokesperson prefers to drive a diesel car – .

Prime Minister’s climate spokesperson prefers to drive a diesel car – .

Boris Johnson’s climate spokesperson Allegra Stratton has revealed that she prefers to drive her diesel Volkswagen Golf rather than an electric car.
The Prime Minister’s former press secretary said she was put off by the time it takes to charge an electric car before long journeys.

Ms Stratton said she needs a car that does not need to be recharged when making long journeys up to 250 miles from her home in north London to visit elderly relatives in Scotland, Gloucestershire, North Wales and the Lake District with her two young children.

Instead, she drives an old diesel car which she bought “third-hand” – she said in an interview with Times Radio.

When asked why she wouldn’t drive an electric vehicle, she replied, “I don’t feel like it yet. “

She added that driving an electric car would be a more appealing idea if “downtime for recharging improves so much that it’s half an hour.”

Edmund King, president of the AA, said the average electric vehicle has a range of over 200 miles without the need for recharging.

He said Time: “Even on a rare trip of over 200 miles, the driver has to stop for a break anyway for road safety reasons, so why not combine it with a quick charge which only takes 20 minutes to go from a quarter load to over 80 per cent? “

Mr King said ‘now is the time to go electric’ as Londoners with electric cars do not have to pay the capital congestion charge, and vehicles that run only on electricity are exempt from car tax across the UK.

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK from 2030. Some plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and some full hybrids may still be sold until 2035.


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