Premier of Ontario to meet with cabinet to discuss coronavirus vaccine requirement for healthcare and education workers – .

Premier of Ontario to meet with cabinet to discuss coronavirus vaccine requirement for healthcare and education workers – .

Premier Doug Ford will meet with his cabinet this evening to discuss the possibility of making comprehensive vaccination of healthcare and education workers against COVID-19 mandatory, sources told CTV News Toronto.

The Ford government has previously avoided questions about compulsory vaccination for some frontline workers, but has faced increasing pressure to do so in recent weeks amid a fourth wave of the pandemic that has seen the number of cases double every nine days.

Last week, a range of stakeholders, including the Ontario Medical Association and the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, all issued statements calling on the Ford government to make vaccinations mandatory for some workers.

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario also expressed support for the policy in a statement released Monday morning while suggesting that the Ford government’s response to Delta-led Fourth Wave was “too little too late, once again “.

It should be noted that there is no longer enough time for unvaccinated people to receive both doses by the first day of school on September 9 given the need to wait 28 days between injections.

“We must act aggressively to implement the policies necessary to limit the impact of the fourth wave. A top priority is the safe reopening of schools. We must also use vaccines to protect ourselves and our society from the ravages of the pandemic. “This means making vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers as well as teachers and educators,” said RNAO CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun.

‘We’re not done with COVID yet,’ says Ford

Tonight’s cabinet meetings come as the number of cases continues to trend upward and Ford warns Ontarians “we’re not done with COVID yet” and the virus “will be something we live with still some time ”.

Ford made the comment during a speech to delegates at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s annual conference on Monday morning.

Ford’s comments come amid a fourth wave of the pandemic that has seen the number of cases rise exponentially in recent weeks.

In fact, the Ontario Science Table now estimates that cases are doubling every nine days. The effective reproduction number has also reached a level not seen since the spring of 2020, with each person who contracts the virus transmitting it to an average of 1.44 other people.

“It’s a virus that will exploit any opportunity, any weakness in the system to mutate and become even more lethal,” Ford said. “You just have to look south to see what can happen if we let our guard down and how quickly one variant can devastate an unvaccinated population. COVID will be something we will live with for a while yet and we must always be prepared. “

In his speech Monday, delivered virtually, Ford praised the rollout of the vaccine in Ontario, which he said is “one of the most successful in the world.”

But he said despite the “incredible progress” Ontario has made, COVID-19 appears to be here for the foreseeable future.

For this reason, he said his government will continue to invest to “strengthen” Ontario’s hospital capacity and protect its schools.

To this end, the Department of Education announced that it is working with public health units to organize a series of vaccination clinics directly targeting students and education workers.

He says clinics can operate before, during or after school hours and can be on school property or off-site.

As of August 15, more than 69% of eligible youth had received a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 56% were fully immune.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but there is no better team than this… we can handle whatever comes our way,” Ford promised during his speech.

“So let’s be hopeful… let’s stay resilient… let’s take up this challenge and move on to the next. “

With files from Colin D’Mello of CTV News Toronto


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