Power of Veto Plans for Week 6 – Big Brother Network – .

Power of Veto Plans for Week 6 – Big Brother Network – .

There has been a lot of action inside the Big Brother 23 house so far in week 6. We have a new head of household in charge of Big Brother 2021 and their names were locked on Friday during of the nomination ceremony. This week’s High Roller’s Room twist has been announced to Big Brother guests and we know it’s a second veto twist.

Kyland is the head of the family and Derek F and Claire are his appointments and they will be joined by Alyssa, Xavier Azah and Britini in this week’s Power of Veto contest. At this point, Claire is Kyland’s target and Derek F is just a pawn, but he’s been working overtime to make the HGs believe he’s in fact Kyland’s target.

Bets have been placed on Kyland, Alyssa, Azah and Britini. No bets have been placed on Claire or DF. Claire bets on Kyland, Derek F bets on Britini, Kyland bets on Alyssa and Sarah Beth bets on Azah.

It also looks like Alyssa and Britini might have a chance at securing the second veto, which could also put a damper on Kyland’s plans this week. Whether or not Kyland uses POV is quite dependent on how it all works. He has mentioned several times that he could potentially nominate Alyssa as a fame if Claire goes down. We know Claire and Derek F will obviously use POV on themselves if they win.

As for Alyssa, she probably won’t use the veto if she wins one as she would be too scared of being a backup target if she does. If she wins the POV, it will also spoil Kyland’s chances of renaming her if any of the names drop. I don’t think she would save Claire or Derek F if she won it, but if Britini gets a second veto it might make things interesting. Azah and Britni would certainly use the veto to take down Derek F in the hopes that it would also force Kyland’s hand to rename Alyssa.

Be on the lookout for upcoming Power of Veto spoilers and hopefully we’ll find out who, if any, gets this week’s second twist veto! Who do you want to see win this week’s Power of Veto contest?

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