Police may deal with customers angry at vaccination passport system, BC Premier says – .

More restrictions lifted in British Columbia on Thursday as province enters next stage of COVID-19 restart – .

VANCOUVER – As some companies voice concerns over the enforcement of British Columbia’s pending vaccination passport system, Premier John Horgan has offered a solution to dealing with difficult customers: call the police and leave them fix the problem.

Asked about the concerns at a press conference on Friday, Horgan suggested that restaurants and other establishments handle confrontations over British Columbia’s proof of vaccination requirement the same way they would any other. conflict that would get out of hand.

“If they have difficulty with clients, they call law enforcement, and that’s what I would expect to happen with regard to the vaccination card as well,” said the Prime Minister.

Horgan’s government has received criticism over the lack of information provided to businesses following Monday’s announcement.

“The confusion over Horgan’s announcement is staggering and we see the backlash. Who is going to enforce this? Will this government provide support to cover the additional costs? Are all transactions, regardless of their size, treated the same? Said Kamloops-South Thompson MP Todd Stone, opposition critic for jobs, economic recovery and innovation. “My office was inundated with nervous people. They need clear answers. “

Representatives of local businesses have also raised concerns. “There are great concerns about how this will be implemented and how it will be enforced,” said Bridgitte Anderson, chair of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

Some companies have already indicated that they will categorically refuse to enforce the passport system, and like-minded owners have joined together on a Facebook group.

They argue that asking clients to prove their immunization status – a temporary measure implemented amid rising cases fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant – is undue infringement and a potential violation of their clients’ rights.

Horgan noted that the government introduced the BC vaccination card system at the behest of business and hospitality leaders.

“It is a tool that they wanted to make available to them so that they could demonstrate to their clients that everyone in their establishment had done everything they could to protect themselves, their families and their community”, did he declare.

“If some companies want to ignore this, then customers will decide where they want to go. Consumers support this and that’s why I think most businesses are excited about it. “

The Premier also highlighted a sharp increase in registrations for vaccinations that was recorded in the days following British Columbia’s announcement of the passport system.


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