Pleasure yacht cruises the neighborhood – .

Pleasure yacht cruises the neighborhood – .

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Dear Amy: My husband and I bought a house a year ago. We had a 24-foot boat at the time, which we kept in a gravel corner next to the driveway. (The spot was designed for that sort of thing.)

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By the way, if you don’t know about boats, this thing was big and looked even bigger out of the water.

We have met most of our neighbors and all of them seem very nice, including “John and Barbara”.

John posted on the popular Nextdoor social media app about our boat. His comment was unrelated to the thread, but the gist of the comment was, “At least your neighbors don’t park a huge yacht in the middle of their yard!”

I was shocked. And now I’m hurt.

Unrelated to this event, we sold the boat. (But we just bought a 20ft RV to replace it.)

There is no HOA. We do not violate any code. A LOT in our neighborhood have RVs or boats, and although most of the yards are very well maintained, there are a few noteworthy spots with tall grasses and poorly maintained trees. (Ours is carefully preserved.)

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We didn’t interact much with John and Barbara – they winter in Florida and we don’t walk around the neighborhood at the same times.

My husband and I make jokes about it, but I’m really pissed off.

I feel like we’ve been singled out and because we’re new to the neighborhood and care about the impression we make. I am hurt.

I’d like to address his rudeness and fix the fence – the fence he probably has no idea about is damaged, despite being posted on social media.

I tend to be direct with people, and that’s not always the most desirable trait when trying to mend barriers.

So I think: why even bother? His message says a lot more about him than it does about us.

What are your thoughts?

– Neighborhood

Dear neighbour : The popular Nextdoor app has gained a reputation as a means of conveying incisive, obnoxious and toxic (and worse) comments between neighbors and about neighborhoods.

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It’s what happens when the whole neighborhood shows up (virtually) for what people might think is a block party, but quickly turns into a snip-fest. Reading the comments posted there can be like hearing the conversation at the “bad girls” table in the college cafeteria, only to realize that they are talking about you!

My theory is that most people who post sarcastic and mocking comments never dream that their comment will actually be read by the person they are degrading.

So yes, laugh at the concept of your yard-yacht.

Also contact “John” (NOT on the app): “I read your review of our boat on Nextdoor. Hope our land-yacht parked there now is an improvement for you.

Most likely scenario: John would never have imagined that you would read his comment, because you are a new resident and because he has no idea how social media works.

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He’s doing it now.

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

Dear Amy: My cousin has two sons, aged 13 and 14. I buy them gifts for birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

They call me “aunt”, which I like because I have no nieces or nephews.

The problem is, they rarely (if ever) thank me for cards and gifts.

It hurts me a lot. Gifts, cards and postage are expensive and I am on disability pension.

I love to remember people on special occasions, but it’s horrible not knowing if they liked their gifts or even if they care.

I’m afraid to say anything because I don’t want to embarrass them or their mother.

Maybe these kids have too much. Their parents are very well off.

What do you think i should do

– So many sad

Dear sad: I think you should teach these young men a lesson – and get out of the woods! Your relationship with them is not based on these gifts. How do you know that? Because you seem to have a relationship with them even if they don’t seem to be interested in the gifts you send them.

Switch to cards. Tell them you love them. Let this be your gift.

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Dear Amy: Don’t stack up, but I was deeply offended by your response to “Conflicted”, who wanted to spend time with a family member who was arrested for possession of child pornography.

Show compassion to that bastard? I do not think so.

– Insulted

Dear offended: My general point was that even bastards have innocent mothers and other family members who deserve comfort and that showing compassion to him would comfort them.


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