Piers Morgan praises YouTubers who prank “anti-vaxxer” Piers Corbyn to accept a cash bribe – .

Piers Morgan praises YouTubers who prank “anti-vaxxer” Piers Corbyn to accept a cash bribe – .

Piers Morgan took to Twitter to congratulate a pair of YouTubers who pranked “anti-vaxxer” Piers Corbyn to accept a bribe in return for not criticizing the Astra vaccine. Zeneca.
Social media stars Josh Pieters and Archie Manners have been known to play pranks on controversial public figures – their latest video saw them convince Piers Corbyn that they were shareholders in pharmaceutical company Astra-Zeneca.

Pieters and Manners offered Corbyn £ 10,000 to avoid talking about Astra-Zeneca in his anti-vax campaign, which he appeared to accept.

Former Good Morning Britain (GMB) star Piers Morgan took to Twitter to congratulate the couple, tweeting: “Brilliant job guys. “

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Manners replied, “Thanks, Piers,” while many Morgan fans were in awe of the video.

One user commented: “The quality! It’s funny how quickly someone’s beliefs change when money is hanging in front of them.

Another added: “Love it! I love ! “

While a third commented, “Would you like to focus on these anti-vaccines, please. They really need to be exposed. “

Morgan and Corbyn have clashed before in an explosive interview with GMB.

During the video posted to YouTube, Pieters bought £ 100 of Astra-Zeneca shares to ensure he could legally pose as a stakeholder in the company.

He then emailed Corbyn under the pretext that he was a South African businessman with significant shares in AstraZeneca, asking to meet the brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and pledging a donation to his “Stop New Normal” campaign.

Broadcaster Piers Morgan praised YouTuber’s pranksters for cheating on Piers Corbyn

Corbyn agreed to meet the couple at a restaurant in Sloane Square in London, where Pieters told him his father owned a successful restaurant chain in South Africa and hinted that the family had shares in AstraZeneca.

Corbyn scoffs at the reveal before commenting that Moderna and Pfizer “give these things magnetic” and call them “scary.”

Pieters suggests his family could help Corbyn’s campaign and Manners shows him an envelope containing £ 10,000 in real money which Corbyn calls “fantastic”.

Pieters said: “This is obviously just a declaration of intent. We would like to continue funding you so there is £ 10,000 there. “

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners appeared to prank Piers Corbyn into accepting a bribe

Piers Corbyn seems excited at the sight of the money, telling the comedic duo, “As long as I can take it without stressing policy changes or whatever I’m doing.” “

Manners confirms that no policy change is necessary, but asks if anything could be done to make Piers’ campaign focused on Pfizer and Moderna, rather than Astra-Zeneca.

Pieters then asks that AstraZeneca be ignored in Corbyn’s future campaign activity, to which he replies “yes”.

The video appears to show Corbyn writing down the benefits of AstraZeneca’s stunt, which he has previously campaigned against.

Corbyn appeared to take £ 10,000 bribe from YouTube pranksters

Pieter’s girlfriend then appears to be asking for a selfie with Corbyn, while another prankster trades the real money envelope for an envelope full of monopoly money,

Corbyn told the couple, “If people ask me where the money is coming from, I’ll just say from a businessman who runs restaurants,” before accepting the envelope full of counterfeit bills and leaving.

Piers Corbyn responded to the video in a statement posted on MailOnline.

He said: “The video has been edited very heavily with dishonest comments and leaves out my repeated statements that anything we accept must be unconditional.

YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners appear to be cheating Piers Corbyn into accepting a bribe
YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners appear to be cheating Piers Corbyn into accepting a bribe

“It is wrong that I accepted any policy change and told these impostors that all Covid vaccines are dangerous and that we are not changing any of our views on vaccines and the vaccine passport.

“The video begins with a false statement. The emails they sent said nothing at all about the interests of these gentlemen.

“It was only revealed at the meeting. He claimed he made his money at a restaurant chain and later said he invested in a vaccine company which made him feel guilty and wanted to give a gift because of his feeling of guilt.

“I did not agree to limit or change what we have been and will continue to say about the various Covid vaccines. “

Josh Pieters has targeted other controversial figures in his YouTube videos before, including appearing to cheat Katie Hopkins into flying to Prague and accepting a bogus prize last year.


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