Piers Morgan backs off after being ‘possessed’ by Olympic record holder Keely Hodgkinson – .

Piers Morgan backs off after being ‘possessed’ by Olympic record holder Keely Hodgkinson – .

Piers Morgan has offered a rare apology after British athlete Keely Hodgkinson called him out following one of his many tweets about this year’s Olympic medals.
The TV presenter, who has never practiced athletics or a sport professionally, has spoken openly on social media in recent weeks, saying winning nothing less than gold is a “celebration of l ‘failure’ at the Olympics.

On Tuesday, the 56-year-old gave her take on athletic talent Keely Hodgkinson as she won a silver medal at the 2020 Olympics after breaking the previous British record set by Dame Kelly Holmes in 1995.

Keely broke records on Tuesday with his performance at the 2020 Olympics


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Quote tweeting a follower who asked if by definition 800-meter star Keely was “a loser” for winning silver even though she broke a record, Piers made a big blunder when responding.

“I’m sorry the facts make you vomit.” Obviously, if you don’t win a race, you lose it. And Keeley [sic] lost to someone the same age as her, ”he wrote to his 7.9 million followers, spelling Keely’s name incorrectly.

The teenager’s response to Piers got more likes than his original tweet



“But it’s great to see her break the British record and I hope she works even harder and wins gold in Paris in 2024,” he added.

Not engaging in a debate on sports matters with the media personality, Keely, 19, savagely put the opinionated star in his place with a simple response.

“Keely *”, the record holder responded to the TV star’s spelling mistake while discussing his impressive achievement.

Keely broke records by winning a silver medal on Tuesday


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The teenager’s response has already had almost 3,000 likes, many more than the 401 likes on Piers’ original tweet.

In a move out of character, the presenter apologized for his mistake, again citing his tweeted response.

Piers wrote: “Haha, my apologies Keely. Great race today, but I’m sure you share my opinion that winning would have been even better… ”

Social media users were less than impressed with the columnist’s take on the Olympics and his opinion on whether the silver and bronze medals should be celebrated.

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“Have you ever played sports in your life? It doesn’t look like it. She is 19 and has just won Olympic silver! It’s something to celebrate, purely something to celebrate, ”one Twitter user wrote in his last tweet about Keely. , while another joked, “Said the man who lost to his meteorologist. ”

A tweeter suggested that Piers backtracked once Keely entered the conversation on Twitter.

“That’s not how you put it all, though,” they wrote to the star.

Twitter users mentioned the moment Piers left the set following a discussion of Meghan Markle



“You presented silver and bronze as defeats and not worthy of celebration rather than great efforts, but you could have won gold. “

Last week, Piers claimed that “true sports champions don’t celebrate their third place” when discussing the Olympics with his friend Gary Lineker on Twitter.

Responding to the backlash after his initial comment, he stirred things up again by tweeting, “Having a lot of silver and bronze medalists from Olympians berating me for saying only gold matters. But no gold medalists. It’s funny ! “


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