Piers Corbyn tricked into taking Monopoly money “AstraZeneca bribe” – .

Piers Corbyn tricked into taking Monopoly money “AstraZeneca bribe” – .


Piers Corbyn was recorded accepting the bribe – which later turned out to be Monopoly money – in the ‘sting’ (Photos: REX / Josh Pieters and Archie Manners)

Vaccine skeptic Piers Corbyn has apparently been tricked into ‘accepting’ a bogus £ 10,000 bribe to stop criticizing AstraZeneca.

The anti-foreclosure activist was caught on camera appearing to be ready to take the money – which later turned out to be Monopoly money – after being the victim of a “clever” prank on YouTube.

YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners posed as AstraZeneca shareholders in the video, asking Corbyn to start targeting Pfizer or Moderna.

Pieters posted on Twitter: “Yesterday @archiemanners and I convinced anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn to take £ 10,000 he thought was from AstraZeneca to stop criticizing their vaccine.

“Except that it was monopoly money and we recorded everything. ”

Corbyn – brother of former Labor leader Jeremy – met the duo in Sloane Square in central London, unaware they were being caught on hidden cameras.

He called the YouTube pranksters “impostors” and says the video is “heavily edited” with “dishonest comments”.

Corbyn later revealed in a video posted to Twitter how he “burst out laughing” once he realized he had fallen into the trap of the “clever” prank.

He took the money “naively enough” – but insisted the YouTubers “took snippets of conversation to make it look like something.”

He recounted how “distracted” he was when the money was put in his bag and didn’t look at it until he got home.

“When I got home we have it here, a bundle of Monopoly money… what I have to say, I burst out laughing, because they did it so well, it was so. skillful. ”

But Corbyn has faced criticism online after the footage was released.

His nephew, Tommy Corbyn – son of Islington MP Jeremy – called his uncle “t * t” on Twitter after being “exposed” in the sting.

He reportedly agreed to the meeting after Pieters and Manners contacted him by email to offer to donate to his “Stop New Normal” campaign.

Pieters told Corbyn: “If we can help your campaign in any way, that will obviously help us. We have common interests.

“In fact, we even brought something today that is just a token of our intention to help with your campaign. ”

Manners then produces an envelope containing £ 10,000 in cash and shows it to Piers Corbyn – who describes the money as “fantastic”.

The funds are then exchanged for counterfeit money.

Corbyn claims the video was ‘heavily edited’ – but admitted he ‘naively’ took the money (Photo: Mark Thomas / REX)

SEIZURE: Piers Corbyn exposed
The couple convinced Corbyn to meet them in Sloane Square in central London (Photo: YouTube / Josh Pieters and Archie Manners)

Corbyn told MailOnline: “The video was edited very heavily with dishonest comments and leaves out my repeated claims that anything we agree to has to be unconditional.

“It is wrong that I accepted any policy change and told these impostors that all Covid vaccines are dangerous and that we are not changing any of our views on vaccines and the vaccine passport.

“The video begins with a false statement. The emails they sent said nothing at all about the interests of these gentlemen.

“It was only revealed at the meeting. He claimed he made his money at a restaurant chain and later said he invested in a vaccine company which made him feel guilty and wanted to give a gift because of his feeling of guilt.

“I did not agree to limit or change what we have been and will continue to say about the various Covid vaccines. ”

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