Paul defeats Woodley by split decision – .

Paul defeats Woodley by split decision – .

Amanda Serrano vs. Yamileth Market

Our main co-event is the only female fight on the map.

Amanda Serrano, the champion, is the big favorite of this competition. Yamileth Mercado hasn’t had much luck with the punters here, but it’s boxing and anything can happen.

But Serrano is one of the best boxers already. She hasn’t lost in over 10 years and I can’t imagine her losing here.

Tour 1

OK, let’s go. This could be a real showcase for Serrano. I can’t wait to see what she can do in the spotlight.

Serrano comes out very early, a huge volume and aggressive. But she gets stung a bit by a superb shot from Mercado. That doesn’t seem to put her in phase though. A fairly tight ride overall.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

2ème round

Mercado isn’t exactly out of her depth in this fight, but she is losing. Serrano advances and makes heavy shots, Mercado hits a few here and there, but Serrano takes over.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 3

Fantastic trade here with the Mercado and Serrano trade shots. Mercado has her chin on her, but she also lands here. This fight is taking place at a breakneck pace.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 4

Serrano slows down the pace here and pulls his jab a little harder. She managed to catch Mercado a few times. Nice round from Serrano, but Mercado may have stolen the round at the end with a flurry.

Our score: 10-9 Market

Tour 5

These laps are heard, with the two-minute laps. Mercado has earned Serrano’s respect. Serrano doesn’t just run for knockout shots, she tries to outdo Mercado and it works. Great shots at the end of the round there.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 6

Serrano boxes well from the outside, but Mercado landed a hellish body blow. In fact, both women frequently land on the body. Serrano really finds his range here and appeared to have hurt Mercado at one point.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 7

Serrano looks really sharp now. Completely resuming the fight with his jab. It looks like Serrano’s most comfortable sleeve.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 8

Mercado makes it more of an aerial combat, digging up real body shots at close range. It’s a different kind of fight. A much tighter turn, but Serrano still takes it.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 9

Mercado hangs on here. She did a great job in this fight. But Serrano now brings Mercado down, landing massive body shots. She is starting on Mercado now. The best Serrano tour to date.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Tour 10

Last round. Both fighters seem keen to leave it all on the canvas here. Serrano stings Mercado hard and she looks hurt. Mercando is hanging by a thread here, it seems, but she survives. Good end to a great fight.

Our score: 10-9 Serrano

Serrano wins 97-93, 98-92, 99-91 by unanimous decision.


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