OLG says Torontonian in his 20s won $ 35 million Lotto Max jackpot – .

OLG says Torontonian in his 20s won $ 35 million Lotto Max jackpot – .

For weeks, a recent Toronto college graduate sat quietly awaiting the jackpot-winning check that would seal his fate as a multimillionaire.

Now it’s official. 29-year-old Ginno Torres received his $ 35 million Lotto Max check today after purchasing the winning jackpot ticket on June 22. He shared the $ 70 million prize with another winner in British Columbia.

“I wanted to make sure it was real before I surprised my family and friends with this amazing news,” Torres said in a press release from OLG, as he first held his check which went changed his life at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto.

A few days after the draw, Torres walked into a store in his neighborhood to check the results of his ticket. At first he saw a lot of zeros.

“My stomach was in a knot as I thought about what was going on,” Torres said.

Then he went to another store to verify that he had won the jackpot. At the lottery terminal, the bells started ringing. “I was numb,” Torres said, recalling that still shocking day.

Torres said he wants to take the time to figure out how he plans to spend his multi-million dollar check, but his family, charities, travel and home renovations are on the agenda.

He said he donated a portion of his earnings to charity, which OLG’s press release described as “close and dear to his heart.”

Torres said he also plans to commission custom artwork from Indigenous Canadian artists and tour the country. When he’s sure to venture further afield, Torres is eager to visit Europe and Asia.

But, he said his top priority is his loved ones. “I’m going to make sure my family is taken care of and I’m going to make investments to make sure I’m well taken care of long into the future,” Torres said.


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