Offspring drummer banned from tour for not being vaccinated, he says – .

Offspring drummer banned from tour for not being vaccinated, he says – .

The Offspring drummer Pete Parada has discovered the hard way that some companies – and even groups – are putting a hard line on having to get the shot to get back to work. He posted on his social media on Tuesday that he had been ousted from the group because he would not agree to be vaccinated against COVID.

In addition to being replaced on an upcoming tour, Parada says he was told not to show up at the studio either, even though he claims to have a legitimate medical reason for not receiving the vaccine.

It’s not entirely clear from Parada’s posts whether he was fired from the band permanently or just put on hiatus, but the comments on working on non-band projects and “finding a new one way forward ”suggest that he does not plan to return to the fold.

“As I am unable to comply with what is increasingly becoming an industry mandate, it was recently decided that I was not safe, in the studio and on tour,” Parada wrote. in a multipart Instagram post. “I mention this because you won’t see me at these next shows. I also want to share my story so that anyone else who is going through the agony and isolation of being left behind right now will know that they are not quite alone. “

Parada says in his posts that he had previously had a case of COVID, and therefore believes he has the antibodies. But in any case, he says his long-standing history with Guillain-Barré syndrome puts him at increased risk of side effects from a vaccination, before adding that he supports anyone who resists. get vaccinated for a number of reasons, from side effects fear to mistrust of the medical and government establishment.

The drummer (pictured above, second from right) added that he does not publish out of anger at the policies of his bandmates, although he writes with some sorrow in an atmosphere of “coercion” surrounding the vaccine.

“I have no negative feelings towards my group,” he wrote. “They do what they think is best for them, and so do I. I wish the entire Offspring family all the best as they get back to it! I’m heartbroken not to see my road community, and I will miss the connection with the fans more than I can express in words.

The group’s requests for comment were not immediately returned. As some fans have noted, Offspring frontman Dexter Holland is unlikely to be without strong opinions on the spread of COVID: he received his doctorate in molecular biology from USC four years ago.

In the drummer’s opening remarks on Instagram, he wrote, “I have some unfortunate and difficult news to share. I know a lot of my close friends and family would have preferred to hear this privately first – and I apologize for the public nature of my disclosure, but I’m not sure how to have this conversation multiple times. Based on my personal medical history and the side effect profile of these injections, my doctor advised me not to get the vaccine at this time. I caught the virus over a year ago, it was benign for me – so I’m confident I would be able to handle it again, but I’m not sure if I will survive another post-streak. vaccination for Guillain-Barré syndrome, which dates back to my childhood and has progressed to gradually worsen over the course of my life. Unfortunately for me (and my family – who hope to keep me a little longer), the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Parada becomes more philosophical about his resistance to making vaccinations mandatory as the message spreads, claiming that he also supports those who are anti-vaccine due to an “understandable distrust” of the system, and noting that “half the population has a shockingly different situation”. reaction to these jabs than expected.

He writes, “Although the reason I don’t get this vaccine is medical, I want to make sure that I don’t carve out a space that is just big enough for me. I must state unequivocally that I support informed consent, which requires unconstrained choice. I do not find it ethical or wise to allow those with the most power (government, businesses, organizations, employers) to dictate medical procedures to those with the least power. There are countless people (like me) for whom these injections carry a higher risk than the virus. Most of us do not publicly share a private decision that we have taken into consideration with our doctors. We know this is not an easy conversation to have. If it seems that half the population reacts shockingly to these jabs compared to what was expected, it is probably because their life experiences have in fact been shocking and their reasons range from careful analysis of the jabs. risks / benefits to the financial inability to take time off from work (or) lack of healthcare in the event of potential side effects, to an understandable distrust of a system that has never prioritized the health or well-being of their communities.

Calling for more dialogue between pro and anti-vaccine, the drummer says, “I hope we can learn to make room for all the perspectives and fears that are happening right now. Let us avoid the unfortunate tendency to dominate, dehumanize and yell at each other. The hesitant population is not a monolithic group. All voices deserve to be heard.

“In the meantime,” he concludes, “I’m launching a project and releasing music with my daughter, so stay tuned for all of this. I deeply appreciate your understanding and support as my family and I find a new way forward. Send love to all who have been affected by this pandemic, in all the ways that lives have been lost and changed. “

Bassist Greg K. left the band in 2019, so if Parada’s release is definitive, that leaves half the band going their separate ways in three years. With 12 years of service, Parada was the band’s second-oldest drummer in a 37-year career, having replaced Atom Williard in 2009. Holland and guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman remain from the original lineup, founded in 1984.

The Offspring’s social media accounts have been silent for the past few days, with no mention of Parada leaving. The drummer was seen in a live studio video posted to the web on July 16, but revealingly, apparently, an Instagram post from five days ago only featured the band’s two founding members. Their next concert is scheduled for August 8 at SoFi Stadium in LA as part of a radio festival, with a major tour from early September through early December.


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