No More Travel Changes for Three Weeks – Grant Shapps – .

No More Travel Changes for Three Weeks – Grant Shapps – .

Tthere will be no change in travel lists for three weeks, meaning people will be able to go on vacation “without looking over their shoulders all the time,” Grant Shapps said.

Four countries are removed from England’s red list while seven more, including Germany, are added to the green list. Arrivals from France will no longer need to isolate themselves, aligning the nation with the other countries on the Orange List.

The transport secretary told Sky News that while ministers are to “always keep an eye on the virus” there would be no change until the next review in three weeks. Read the full article on the changes here.
The travel industry, however, said that while the changes are a “positive step forward”, the government “is not fully capitalizing on the successful deployment of the vaccine”.

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The number of Covid pingdemic NHS application alerts drops by 43%

The number of alerts sent through the NHS Covid app in England and Wales fell by more than 40% in one week.
A total of 395,971 alerts were sent to users in the week leading up to July 28, informing them that they had been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.
This is a decrease of 43% from the previous week when 689,313 alerts were sent, according to government figures.

Thousands of British tourists stranded in Mexico face huge quarantine hotel bills

Up to 6,000 British tourists stranded in Mexico face huge bills for quarantined hotels after the holiday hotspot was moved to the redlist.
They must return to the UK by 4 a.m. on Sunday or are legally required to stay ten days in government approved hotels.
Flights currently scheduled to depart Mexico City and the Caribbean resort town of Cancun – the only two destinations with direct services to the UK – before Sunday’s deadline only have capacity for about half of the total. country, according to industry experts.

An empty beach as Alberto approaches Cancun, Mexico

Nearly 400,000 people have been suffering from Covid for at least a year, figures show

It is estimated that 380,000 people in the UK have suffered a long Covid for a year or more, according to new research.
This figure is broadly unchanged from an estimate of 385,000 people in a similar survey carried out a month earlier.
The figures, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), are based on responses collected from people living in private households in the four weeks leading up to July 4.
They also suggest that a total of 945,000 people in the UK experienced a long Covid during the period of the investigation, down slightly from the 962,000 in the previous investigation.
The condition is defined as symptoms that persist for more than four weeks after their first suspected coronavirus infection.
Long Covid was estimated to negatively affect the daily activities of 611,000 people – just under two-thirds of those with self-reported Long Covid – with 182,000 stating that their ability to undertake daily activities had been “” significantly limited ”Said the ONS.

Traffic light system defended as a “simplified system” allowing the British to “enjoy their holidays”

The Transportation Secretary has championed the government’s traffic light system for travel as a “simplified system” that will allow people to “enjoy their vacation”.
Grant Shapps told BBC Radio 4’s Today show: “We have certainly lived with the coronavirus long enough to know that it can be unpredictable.
“However, we’ve also lived with this long enough to get the majority of the population vaccinated, other countries are doing the same.
“This means that this summer we are able to set up a three-week program rather than a one-week program, which was the case last year.
“I hope people can walk away with this simplified system, enjoy their breaks and not look over their shoulders all the time, and as long as they go through the processes they can have a good time and I hope. that they will be able to enjoy their vacation.

Serco Profits Jump One-Third Amid Rising Test and Trace Contracts

Outsourcing company Serco saw its profits jump after being boosted by Covid-19 test and traceability contracts and acquisition activity.
The London-listed company said its operating profit rose 31% to £ 116million for the six months ending in June.
The company, which was one of the providers involved in the UK Test and Trace program, also said it would pay an interim dividend of 0.8p per share as a result of the increase in profits – the first payment to investors. since 2014.
Profitability was bolstered by its acquisitions of US company Whitney, Bradley & Brown and installation and cleaning company Facilities First Australia.
Serco, which operates a range of services including cleaning and air traffic control, said its revenues jumped 19% to £ 2.17 billion in the past six months.
The company said about 17% of its revenue for the semester came from work supporting the government in its response to Covid-19.

Transport Sec Says Horrors of Quarantine Hotels “Certainly Unacceptable”

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said reports of sexual harassment and rats in quarantine hotels are “certainly unacceptable.”
“In terms of the quality of the accommodation, these are not government barracks, they are hotels,” he told Times Radio.
“And first of all, any felony accusation has to go directly to the police, and I know they will in those cases. “
He added: “The Ministry of Health is actually operating this quarantine system, I know my colleagues there would be very worried to read any reports and they will certainly be fully investigated as it would be totally unacceptable to them. tourists who usually use them, it is certainly unacceptable if they are used temporarily for government quarantine. “

France to start planning third doses of vaccine from next month

France will start planning the third doses of the Covid vaccine from September.
This will apply to the elderly and vulnerable.
French President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement via Instagram.

UK lags behind European rivals with ‘turtle-step’ travel, expert says

The UK is lagging behind its European rivals with its openness to international travel “at a snail’s pace,” an industry expert said.
The confirmation that France is joining the Orange List is positive, especially during the critical period of school holidays, said Mark Tanzer, head of the Abta travel association.
But he warned the government was not fully capitalizing on the successful rollout of the vaccine with a very cautious green list approach and “the failure to relax travel restrictions, including requirements for multiple tests even during the process. visiting low-risk destinations ”.
He added: “As a result, the UK is falling behind our European competitors and the opening of international travel from UK is progressing at a snail pace, making it extremely difficult for travel agents. and tour operators to generate enough revenue to initiate a recovery, which is desperately needed to protect jobs, businesses and livelihoods. “

Grant Shapps explains why Dubai was taken off the travel red list

Grant Shapps has denied claims that Dubai has been removed from the travel red list so that it can more easily act as an international “transport hub”.
The transport secretary was asked if the city in the Middle East had been moved to the orange list to serve as a middleman for other destinations.
“With all of these changes, I often see a whole bunch of theories as to why a particular country was opened and another wasn’t,” he told Sky News.
“But with all these changes, what we’re doing is asking the experts, that is, the Joint Biosafety Center, to give us their overview of each country and their recommendation on where a country should sit down.
“This time they came back and said that Dubai and Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and indeed India – which will surprise some people – are all suitable for redlist and amber list. “
He said factors for removing countries from the red list included the number of people who have experienced a jab there, the reliability of local Covid data and the level of prevalence of the virus.

Fifth of Covid hospital cases in England are young people, new NHS boss warns

NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard said there was “no doubt” that the deployment of jabs was having a “major impact” in preventing people from going to hospital and saving lives.
Patients between the ages of 18 and 34 made up more than 20% of those admitted to hospital last month, according to NHS England.
This is an increase of almost one in 20 – 5.4% – at the height of the winter wave in January.
Ms Pritchard, who took up her new post this week, paid tribute to the work of health service staff as she visited a vaccination clinic in Reigate, Surrey on Wednesday.
“There is no doubt that the NHS vaccination program is having a major impact, keeping around 52,000 people out of hospital and saving around 60,000 lives,” she said.
“However, we must not forget that there are more than 5,000 seriously ill people in hospital with Covid, and more than a fifth of those admitted are young people. “


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