NHL central registry rejects Philipp Grubauer’s contract – .

NHL central registry rejects Philipp Grubauer’s contract – .

With the sheer volume of contracts that were filed with the NHL Central Registry at the start of free agency, it took some time for them to review all of them to make sure they comply with all the rules of the game. the ABC. Occasionally, offers are rejected because an item does not meet the criteria and CapFriendly reports (Lien Twitter) that this is the case with the Kraken contract for the goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer. CapFriendly has full details of the deal here.
Since more than half of the salary is paid in the first three years of the contract ($ 18.5 million out of $ 35.4 million or 52.25%), this is a loading contract. initial which has stricter rules than non-priority agreements. and those rules changed when the new collective agreement was adopted last year.

One of the rules of anticipatory contracts is that any difference in salary from one year to the next cannot exceed 25% of the salary of the first year. Grubauer’s salary in 2021-2022 was supposed to be $ 5 million and 25% of that is $ 1.25 million. Therefore, any variance from year to year cannot be greater than $ 1.25 million. However, Grubauer’s initial salary in 2022-23 was $ 6 million and his 2023-24 salary was $ 7.5 million, a difference of $ 1.5 million. This is what caused the rejection of the contract.

This shouldn’t be a cause for concern for the Kraken. They only have to play with the wage figures to come to a new agreement. Seattle Times Geoff Baker reports (Lien Twitter) that a revised contract has already been filed which moves salary $ 250,000 from 2023-24 to 2022-2023, keeping the same ceiling. Technically, Grubauer is a free agent again, but that shouldn’t last long once this revised contract is approved by the league.


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