New Mask Mandate Announced For City Of Philadelphia Amid Rising Cases Of COVID-19, Delta Variant – .

New Mask Mandate Announced For City Of Philadelphia Amid Rising Cases Of COVID-19, Delta Variant – .

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Philadelphia officials on Wednesday morning announced a new mask mandate in an effort to tackle an increase in COVID-19 cases. Health officials say the city will require masks to be worn in the inside companies, unless the company requires proof of vaccination.
The mask’s mandate takes effect Thursday at 12 noon. ”This means everyone in Philadelphia must wear a mask when entering a business or institution, except those who require vaccinations. Restaurants and bars will have to require masks for all staff and customers, except when people are sitting and actively eating and consuming alcohol, ”Acting Health Commissioner Dr Cheryl Bettigole said.

To prove their vaccination status, people must have their vaccination record or a photo of the card.

“I’m upset that people just can’t act like they’re supposed to… and do what’s right for everyone,” visibly angered mayor Jim Kenney said. He pleaded for people to “just want to get vaccinated”.

Following the announcement, the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association issued a statement saying the changes imposed “an unfair responsibility to enforce these new requirements on operators and their employees.”

“PRLA supports the goal of a vaccinated and safe work environment for all. However, mitigation efforts should not put business owners and operators in a position to choose between fully immunized staff and customers, or face masks for all. burden of the audit on employees who do not have time to train or implement protocols. During the past year, catering employees have suffered serious reactions during the application of these rules, ”the statement said.

Authorities have also announced that outdoor unseated gatherings of more than 1,000 people are needed to keep everyone masked. People sitting outside at a Phillies game, for example, would not need to be masked when seated.

Shortly after the announcement, the Eagles released a statement saying everyone should wear a mask when visiting the interior spaces of Lincoln Financial Field. Fans are not required to wear a mask outside.

It was not clear if this tenure would have an impact on the massive Made in America festival over the Labor Day weekend, but Kenney and Bettigole said people should be prepared to wear masks on such occasions. events until cases decrease.

City buildings will also require everyone in public spaces to be masked.

As of September 1, all new employees hired by the City must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Current employees will need to be either fully vaccinated or double masked whenever they are in an indoor space with others. A day earlier, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that some 25,000 prison and prison staff Pennsylvania state health and collective care had about a month to get vaccinated for COVID-19 or take weekly tests for the virus.

On July 5, Philadelphia reported the lowest average number of new COVID cases in the pandemic, as the city averaged 23 new cases per day. As of August 9 alone, the city’s average of new COVID cases reported was 180. The average number of new cases per day in Philadelphia has doubled three times in a month.

As of Wednesday, 63.2% of adults 18 and older in the city were fully immunized. Currently, 118 people are hospitalized in the city with COVID-19.


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