Netflix revives manifesto for final season after NBC cancellation – .

Netflix revives manifesto for final season after NBC cancellation – .

Netflix has relaunched Manifest for one final season after NBC canceled the series earlier this year.
NBC canceled Manifest in June and fans quickly took to Twitter with the Hashtag “#SaveManifest” to express their desire to see a fourth season happen.

Now, just over two months later, Netflix has announced that it has picked up the series to create a fourth and final season.

“The fourth and final season will feature 20 episodes, which will end the story of the passengers on Flight 828,” a Netflix press release read.

At the end of Manifesto season 3, the series left quite a few open questions on the table, ideally for a response in a fourth season … but Netflix canceled the series. It looks like “#SaveManifest” and the large numbers the show has seen on Netflix since its premiere on the subscription service in June, has shown that the show has more stories to tell (and fans to tell. pleasure).

“Since its premiere on Netflix in June, Manifest has proven to be very popular with our members,” Bela Bejaria, Netflix manager for Global TV, said in a press release. ” [Manifest producer and creator Jeff Rake] and his team have created an alluring mystery that has viewers around the world on the edge of their seats and believing in a second chance again, and we’re delighted they are closing fans off with this big-time final season. ”

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Rake said that never in his wildest dreams had he considered the amount of support and love for Manifest that has been revealed in recent times – enough support to get the series going again. He also said he’s thrilled to have the chance to reward fans of the show with the ending they deserve.

“On behalf of the cast, crew, writers, directors and producers, thank you to Netflix, Warner Bros., and of course the fans,” Rake said. ” You did it. ”

Manifest premiered on NBC in 2018 and ran for three seasons before being canceled in June this year. The series revolved around the mysterious Montego Air Flight 828. What was supposed to be a standard flight quickly turned into something else when passengers realized that five years had passed after landing.

The mystery of this theft will apparently be shrouded in a final 20-episode season set to air on Netflix, although the company has not mentioned a release date.

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