NBA says Covid vaccine required for referees – .

NBA says Covid vaccine required for referees – .

New York (AFP)

The NBA said on Saturday it would require Covid-19 vaccinations for all referees working in games in the 2021-22 season.

The league said in a statement that the requirement had been agreed with the National Basketball Referees Association. It allows certain exemptions for religious or medical reasons.

“The referees also agreed to take all recommended boosters,” the league said. “Any referee who is not vaccinated and who is not exempt will be ineligible for working matches. “

The announcement comes a day after several US media reported that the NBA informed teams that all staff who work in physical proximity to players or referees during games must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

ESPN, citing a note sent by the NBA to teams on Friday, said the directive specifically includes coaches, front office members and coaches, but does not require all players to be vaccinated. “

League-wide player vaccination is under negotiation with the National Basketball Players Association.

According to ESPN, the league has set a deadline of October 1 for team staff to be fully immunized.

Broadcasters, photographers and security personnel who operate near the courthouse are included in the directive, as well as locker room attendants, medical staff, equipment managers, and food and beverage handlers and suppliers.

The regular season kicks off on October 19, when defending champion Milwaukee Bucks host the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors face the Los Angeles Lakers in a successful double header on opening night.


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