Mutiny by EasyJet passengers over police deportation of two black men – .

Mutiny by EasyJet passengers over police deportation of two black men – .

EasyJet has launched an internal review after passengers on a flight from Gatwick to Spain allegedly staged a mutiny when cabin crew attempted to have two black men deported by police over a disagreement.
Witnesses claim that two men “huffed” at a crew member after she told them to put on their shoes to take off because they were sitting in an emergency exit row, according to the report. Daily mail.

Armed police were summoned to the plane to order the couple to leave, but a video posted to social media shows other passengers objecting to the crew’s response and telling the two to “sit down. And ignore the request.

On Twitter, passenger Luke Gayle said a flight attendant “called the police because a black boy blew after she told him to put her feet under the seat.”

Mr Gayle said it was “a moment of humility” when passengers told the men to sit down, adding: “Who knows if this was a race. However, he and his 2 friends are the only blacks on the flight.

He also shared a video of the airline preparing to remove the men’s checked baggage from the hold.

Thursday’s flight took off three hours late with new cabin crew, but with both men still on board.

The rows of emergency exits should be clear of all potential obstacles, including bags, shoes and coats, and it is advisable to keep the shoes on until after take-off.

Under the Air Navigation Ordinance 2016, disobedience to the commander (captain) or his crew is an offense.

EasyJet told the Mail that the airline “does not discriminate against any individual” and that “there is no evidence that discrimination played a role in the problem on board”.

He said cabin attendants were replaced as the delay meant they would not have been able to complete their trip within working time limits.

“The main responsibility of our crew is the safety of everyone on board.

“A problem arose during the flight while taxiing, the aircraft returned to the stand and was met by airport police to resolve the issue before leaving safely with all passengers on board.

“Our crew must ensure that safety requirements are met by all passengers and, as part of their role, must verify before take-off that everyone is complying.

“This is especially important for passengers seated in the rows of emergency exits where the crew make sure there are no loose objects during take off.

“We are aware of the comments from some customers on board on how this was handled.

“We take comments of this nature seriously and have been in contact with them to discuss their experience and assure them that we will review this internally.

“The safety and well-being of our customers and our crew is our top priority. “


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