modernization of the Carreau market at MIN Agen – .

modernization of the Carreau market at MIN Agen – .

The National Interest Market (MIN) of Agen-Boé, created in 1962, is the 5th economic center of the department of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

It currently hosts more than 80 permanent distributors, mostly from the fruit and vegetable sector.

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It creates the essential link between the production activity of the Garonne, wholesale and retail trade, logistics and marketing, in the agrifood, retail and out-of-home catering sectors.

The Carreau market, a central and strategic place for the MIN, plays the essential role of a weekly meeting platform for 400 producers and 290 buyers.

It induces a significant massification of production and food products in transit, the total volume being estimated at 320,000 tonnes per year. The production area extends over 100 km. The buyers come from a radius of 250 km, spread over the New Aquitaine and Occitanie regions.

The agglomeration of Agen, now the sole owner of the premises since 2019, intends to boost this strategic tool which needs to be modernized.

The project consists of the creation of an elevated platform of 4000 m² which will meet the following objectives:

Create optimal conditions to accommodate local agricultural and food production (adapt to needs, promote, balance supply and demand).

Develop and diversify the channels for marketing and promoting local productions by welcoming new players in the sector and by creating the conditions for sustainable contracts (organic production, agricultural income, product diversification).

Reposition and modernize the support logistics necessary for optimizing the value chain, including the integration of the cold chain in the solutions expected by all stakeholders.

The budget supported by the agglomeration for the operation is estimated at 2,600,000 € [3,047,291 USD], hors tax.

At the same time, SOLOGEMIN, which is in charge of operating the MIN, will invest an additional € 360,000 [421,933 USD], hors tax.

The equipment should be operational in March 2023.

For more information:
Agen-Boé Market of National Interest


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