Moderates threat of deadlock over budget vote and infrastructure – .

Moderates threat of deadlock over budget vote and infrastructure – .

“With the livelihoods of hard-working American families, we simply cannot afford months of unnecessary delays and risk wasting this century-old bipartisan infrastructure package,” the letter read, which reads. was obtained by The New York Times. and has Rep. Josh Gottheimer, Democrat of New Jersey, as lead author. “It’s time to put shovels in the ground and get people to work. “

To complicate matters further, more than half of the nearly 100 members of the Progressive Congressional Caucus have taken the opposite stance, saying they will not vote for the infrastructure bill until they have one. social policy measure financing their priorities: climate change, education, health care. , family leave, childcare and care for the elderly.

With promised defections from the Progressive Caucus, it looks like Ms Pelosi is at a stalemate for lack of a voice to hand over the infrastructure bill to President Biden’s office or push forward the budget resolution needed to protect the final legislation of the Republican obstruction.


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