Mike Lindell lashes out at CNN reporter as ‘cyber symposium’ gets nowhere – .

Mike Lindell lashes out at CNN reporter as ‘cyber symposium’ gets nowhere – .

During his three-day ‘cyber symposium’ supposed to reveal compelling evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell gave a particularly bizarre performance in a CNN interview in which he appeared to fly off. .
Speaking to journalist Donie O’Sullivan, well known for his interviews with pro-Trump right-wing fringe figures as well as militant supporters during the Trump events, the visibly hoarse Mr Lindell repeated his allegations of electoral fraud unfounded in his trademark free-associative, high-energy style, a performance exacerbated by the length of time he had remained awake in a hyperenergetic state during the symposium.

“Just forget about the evidence! He told Mr. O’Sullivan during a break from an event he had presented for weeks as an exhibition of said evidence. “If I’m right that China took our country, now do you care?” Would you mind?

Urged on several times, Mr. O’Sullivan conceded that “of course it does”.

“So why do you think I am continuing?” Asked Mr. Lindell. “Do you think I like to be attacked?” “

Mr Lindell began on the third day of the symposium by claiming to have been attacked at his hotel the night before, although he did not elaborate on what the alleged attack involved. “I just want everyone to know all the evil that is out there,” he said. Thursday afternoon, no police report had been filed.

Asked by Mr O’Sullivan if it wouldn’t be better to just hand over his data to cybersecurity experts if it was indeed legitimate, Mr Lindell again pushed back.

“I was told they could go out there and bribe them and do fake stuff and spread fake news … So I don’t need your people to come out and fake the evidence and publish a ‘Mike Lindell is a theoretical conspiracy! ‘ We’re showing it right on screen right now, so you can’t sit here and make a hit when it’s on screen right now.

Mr. O’Sullivan brought to the conference with him an expert in cybersecurity, Harri Hursti, who said the data made available did not come close to proving the election was stolen – and that in fact the little “evidence” Mr Lindell provided had nothing to do with the machinery election, the supposed means of electoral interference.

“We were expecting a huge data file that we wouldn’t be able to figure out how it could be evidence of,” he said. “We didn’t expect there to be no stack of evidence. There is only a bunch of nothing.

But as one of the speakers on stage made clear, the media’s efforts to understand what Mr Lindell was putting forward were apparently wrong. “CNNs of the World: You Need to Start Reporting This Stuff and Stop Checking the Facts!” “

While the three-day symposium produced a complete dearth of meaningful data, it also saw Mr. Lindell and various other speakers put on bizarre and sometimes sinister performances. Among those who appeared virtually was Ron Watkins, a major player in the QAnon conspiracy theory who is considered the prime suspect for posting as Q himself.

Mr Watkins told his Telegram subscribers earlier this summer that he was about to share his own evidence of electoral fraud, but ultimately disappointed them with a strangely edited video of the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems as well as a link that installed a virus on users. smartphones.

Along with his other exploits this summer, Mr. Lindell has been a proponent of the theory that Mr. Trump is somehow going to be “reinstated” as president. In an interview in July, he was pressured to provide a specific date and proposed August 13, claiming that at that point “the world’s talk” will be “Hurry up! Let’s roll back this election, let’s have a right to the right. Let’s get these Communists out.

That morning, East Coast Time, there was no sign of reinstatement in sight.


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