Mayor Lightfoot and Arwady call for more vaccinations to avoid another shutdown – .

Mayor Lightfoot and Arwady call for more vaccinations to avoid another shutdown – .

CHICAGO (WLS) – Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the city’s top doctor are begging Chicagoans to step up the fight against COVID-19 and avoid more restrictions or another round of closures. We don’t have a current goal or plans to shut down Chicago again, but we need people, please, once again to step up. We have been through this pandemic. Well, so far, especially when you compare what happened right from the start to after we were able to put a lot of these mitigation measures in place, ”Dr Allison Arwady.

Arwady joined the mayor at a press briefing on Sunday morning to update the growing numbers of COVID-19 and to insist on the need to have neighborhoods in the city vaccinated.

Chicago is now reporting an average of 206 new cases per day, and 97% of people who have died from the coronavirus in the city are unvaccinated.

WATCH: Mayor Lightfoot and Dr Arwady provide update on COVID-19 response

“You are playing with your life,” the mayor said. “The delta variant is real. It is vicious and it attacks those who are not vaccinated.

Almost all counties in the Chicago area are now showing “substantial spread” of COVID-19, according to health officials.

The CDC upped Lake and Kane counties with “moderate spread” in its latest report. The two areas now have 50 to 99 cases per 100,000 people over a 7-day period, the CDC reported.

With Lake and Kane counties having moved to “substantial” spread, Kankakee is the only county in our area that is still listed as “moderate”.

“We’re fully confident that the people of Lake County will really come together and, you know, follow the guidelines to make sure we don’t see an increase in cases,” said Emily Young, head of marketing and communications for the Lake County Department of Health.

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Style Shack in downtown Highland Park is one of many stores in the area now requiring masks for people entering their store

“Starting today, with the new suggestions in Lake County, we’ll be asking customers to use masks,” said Sherry Levin, co-owner of Style Shack.

Levin said the recommendation was easy for them to implement.

“If it’s that easy as putting the mask back on, we’re ready to do whatever it takes,” she said.

In fact, last week, ahead of the CDC’s new recommendations, store owners asked all employees to take a back seat in light of the rise in cases and concerns about the fast-spreading delta variant.

“Number one is the health and safety of our staff, our customers and our wider community,” Levin said. “Everything about business really comes second and to support this ultimate goal of protecting everyone.

The Summer Bash Music Festival near Washington Park also served as a pop-up vaccination clinic this weekend.

The rise of the Delta variant prompted some festival-goers to try their luck.

“You have a lot of people who are not vaccinated. You have a lot of people who don’t wear masks so I don’t want to make anybody sick, ”said Ronald Smith.

The mayor specifically called six postcodes on the south and west sides that are lagging behind the rest of the city in immunization.

They include 60633 South Deering, 60621 Englewood, 60649 South Shore, 60620 Auburn-Gresham, 60644 Austin and 60628 Roseland. Less than 50 percent of the inhabitants of these neighborhoods are vaccinated.

“This thing has been very well researched and I would rather have it than not have it and I want to live. I do not want to die. Smith said.

Last week, Lightfoot warned that the mask’s warrant and other mitigation measures would make a comeback if the number of COVID cases consistently exceeded 200 new cases per day.

For now, the use of face masks is strongly recommended, especially in indoor public spaces.

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More than three million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Chicago, according to Dr. Awardy.

“So if you waited to say, ‘I want to see more people get it’ or, ‘I want to wait longer,’ the Pfizer vaccine trials – the big trials – have all been going on for more than a year now. an, ”she said. “We didn’t identify long-term side effects, we didn’t. “

The doctor also debunked the fertility issues and high death rates associated with the vaccine, along with other conspiracies.

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“In Chicago, we can be open and careful at the same time,” said Dr. Awardy.

The city also offers to vaccinate people at home.

Every Chicago resident is eligible for free in-home COVID vaccination for up to 10 people at a time. Residents also have the choice of Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson. You do not need to present any ID or proof of insurance.

To request these services, visit or call 312-746-4835

Illinois isn’t alone in seeing COVID-19 cases on the rise.

Lollapalooza Sunday: Music festival to end as one of city’s biggest events since pandemic

The country’s leading infectious disease expert warns that “things will get worse”.

Dr Anthony Fauci told ABC’s “This Week” that he did not expect the country to return to restrictions imposed at the height of the pandemic.

The United States reported an increase in the number of people getting vaccinated last week, but only about 60% of Americans are fully vaccinated.

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