Max Verstappen bemoans frustrating run for 10th in Hungary after being “taken out again by a Mercedes” – .

Max Verstappen bemoans frustrating run for 10th in Hungary after being “taken out again by a Mercedes” – .

Max Verstappen will head to the summer break after losing his title lead to rival Lewis Hamilton, following a Hungarian Grand Prix which saw Verstappen finish 10th, after being hit in the first round following contact between Hamilton Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and McLaren Lando Norris.
Verstappen – who had retired on the last lap at Silverstone after contact with Hamilton on lap 1 – had made his way from P3 to P2 when behind Bottas misjudged his braking and crashed into Norris, who then collided with Verstappen, while Bottas also made contact with Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez, forcing him to retire.

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Verstappen sustained extensive damage to the board and floor of his right barge during the incident, the Dutchman was able to continue but without the performance to finish above the P10, as Hamilton recovered from a bad call of strategy Mercedes that had abandoned it to last at one point. take P3 – after cutting his own he passed Verstappen in the pit stops – as Esteban Ocon won his first F1 race.

“Again pulled out by a Mercedes so it’s not what you want,” said a disgruntled Verstappen after the race. “You can see that Valtteri completely misses his braking point and causes a big accident.

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“From that point on I was missing the entire side of my car and the entire barge area, the ground was also damaged so it was almost impossible to drive to be honest,” Verstappen added.

“I still did my best and scored a point, so that’s something at least, but that’s of course not what we want. “

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Hamilton’s relaunch saw him take the championship lead, six points ahead of Verstappen as we now enter the summer break – Verstappen having taken just one point in the last two Grands Prix.

But the Dutchman dismissed any idea he would spend the August break in soul-searching, as he pledged to bounce back at the Belgian Grand Prix after a recent string of “abnormal” incidents, as he said. was calling.

“These moments, it doesn’t matter [to me], it’s just disappointing, ”said Verstappen. “I know that when we leave I will be there again, I will do my best and I hope my car will be competitive. But we’ll find out.

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“It’s a lot of weird moments right now that have cost us a lot of points,” added Verstappen, when asked if Mercedes now has the performance advantage, now also being 10 points ahead of Red Bull among manufacturers. “They are of course very fast, but we are going to focus on ourselves, we will keep pushing and we will see where we are. “

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