Maryam Monsef of the Liberals calls the Taliban “our brothers” – .

Maryam Monsef of the Liberals calls the Taliban “our brothers” – .

The minister denied that the reference was a relaxation of the government’s position on the “terrorist group”

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While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted on qualifying the Taliban in Afghanistan as a terrorist group, his Minister for Women and Gender Equality calls the Taliban “our brothers”.

Maryam Monsef made the comments during a phone conversation with other ministers regarding the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

“I want to take this opportunity to talk to our brothers, the Taliban. We call on you to ensure the safe and secure passage of anyone in Afghanistan out of the country, ”said Monsef.

“We call on you to stop the violence immediately. Genocide, femicide, destruction of infrastructure, including heritage buildings.

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Monsef then called on the Taliban to return to the negotiated peace deal and ensure that women and minorities are part of this process.

Asked by a reporter at the press conference whether the reference to the “brothers” was a softening of the government’s stance on the Taliban, Monsef replied no.

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“The Taliban are hardly a terrorist group and yet they claim to be Muslims,” Monsef said.

“The reference to the brothers is a cultural reference of course but let me be very clear, we do not support the Taliban. We are horrified that the hard earned gains of the past 20 years are at stake, ”said Monsef.

She went on to say that if the Taliban are to be recognized as a legitimate government in the future, they must act as such by respecting minorities and ending violence.

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