Marvel One-Shot ‘All Hail the King’ is now on Disney + – .

Marvel One-Shot ‘All Hail the King’ is now on Disney + – .

In advance of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings in theaters next week, Marvel and Disney + are giving us a reminder on all things Ten Rings. The terrorist organization had been part of the MCU from the very beginning, when Tony Stark was kidnapped by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan in 2008. Iron Man.

The Ten Rings resurfaced in 2013 Iron Man 3, when their dark frontman The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley) was revealed to be a scapegoat for Killian Aldrich (Guy Pearce). The Mandarin was actually failed actor Trevor Slattery, who was bribed with drugs and money to play the role. Kingsley returned briefly for the 2014 Marvel short film “All Hail the King”, where he reprized his role as Slattery.

The 14-minute short, written and directed by Drew Pearce, finds Trevor in Seagate Prison, where he has become somewhat of a celebrity. Documentary director Jackson Norriss (Scoot McNairy) asks Trevor to recount his childhood and early acting career, including a failed CBS pilot. But it turns out that the real Mandarin is irritated by Trevor’s portrayal and wants to meet him face to face.

The short film was first made as an extra for the Blu-ray of Thor: The Dark World, but now has bigger ramifications within the MCU now that the Ten Rings take center stage. Hello king features great cameos, an inventive fight scene, and lots of humor. If you are going to watch Shang-Chi then this is the perfect appetizer before heading to the theater.

Hello king is now streaming on Disney +.

(image : Marvel Studios)

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