Manchester United 5-1 Leeds United: Player ratings – .

Manchester United 5-1 Leeds United: Player ratings – .

David De Gea: 7/10

Not much to do for much of the game. Made a few easy saves and a great first half save. Ayling’s goal left him a little helpless.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 7/10

Was 5-1 behind, but was otherwise alert and decisive in closing the right side. It’s not a huge threat to the future, but he did a good job of keeping possession and passing.

Victor Lindelof : 8/10

Good work defensively, and a long, brilliant ball for Bruno Fernandes to complete his hat trick.

Harry Maguire : 7/10

Good defensive organization, and a strong presence controlling the area. Leeds had a few opportunities to trouble United on set pieces but were not allowed to capitalize.

Luke Shaw : 7/10

He looked sharp and maybe could have scored a goal and / or an assist today, but it didn’t quite escape him.

Scott McTominay : 7/10

Excellent from the start, but calmed down a bit as the match progressed. Almost opened the scoring again against Leeds.

Fred : 8/10

He and Pogba should have done better to close Ayling’s goal, but otherwise a good midfield presence alongside McTominay, and also scored a goal to cap a brilliant victory.

Paul Pogba: 10/10

Wonderful. Pogba would have been MOTM any other day with his four assists, but the man after two of them took him instead because …

Bruno Fernandes: 10/10

Hat. Tower. Hero. Bruno Fernandes has once again shown us why he is the essential focal point of Manchester United’s attack. Great job in front of goal today. Had a lot to do despite the quality of his assistants, and never wavered.

Daniel James : 6/10

I ran a lot and tried to shake things up. Had a few good chances to shoot but didn’t capitalize. Better decision making, consistently poor end product, no big / costly mistakes. Average overall performance.

Mason Greenwood : 9/10

A somewhat understated performance due to Bruno’s hat trick, but Greenwood did very well today at the head of the line. United regained the lead to start the flurry of goals in the second half.

Nemanja Matic: 7/10

Came with the game ended 5-1, secured the midfielder defensively and didn’t let Leeds in.

Anthony Martial : 6/10

He looked fresh when he first appeared in competition in some time, but the game was settled by the time he arrived.

Jadon Sancho: 7/10

Came alongside Martial with not much to do, but was smart with the ball when given the chance. He almost played Aaron Wan-Bissaka on goal, but just passed it.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 10/10

The season is launched in style. It was a game that could very well have been overthought by Solskjaer and his team, but everyone knew what they had to do and never gave up. The first chances did not go their way and Leeds managed a superb equalizer to start the second half, but neither frustrated this team nor disrupted the game plan. Excellent performance to get all the vibrations and all the points when the season opens.


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