Lukaku’s agent explains Inter Milan and Chelsea decision in lengthy statement – .

Lukaku’s agent explains Inter Milan and Chelsea decision in lengthy statement – .

Romelu Lukaku’s agent Federico Pastorello has vowed to explain Lukaku’s decision to leave Inter Milan and join Chelsea despite the firm intention to do the opposite earlier this summer, and the agent has now delivered that explanation in a lengthy statement posted on Instagram in Italian and English. .

You could argue that neither the agent nor the player owe any of us such an explanation, especially as Pastorello reveals that part of the reaction to the transfer has been way over the line, y including “lies, innuendos, insults and threats. [which] have greatly exceeded the limits of civilization, decency and tolerance ”. But he wanted to set the record straight, and that is certainly commendable.

“The story – that Lukaku’s transfer was ‘engineered’ and ‘forced’ just to comply with financial interests – misleads everyone.

“Where Lukaku has never publicly expressed unease or dissatisfaction with his experience at FC Internazionale, his contractual situation or the well-known events of the Club, Chelsea’s interest really touched Romelu’s soul from the start. the first moment, because this club means something unique and special to him.

“In recent days I’ve seen a video from 2009 in which the 16-year-old visited Stamford Bridge stadium with his school and vowed that one day he would play on that pitch. I recommend everyone to watch it carefully: it’s impressive how clearly a 16-year-old boy was already drawing his future.

“He wanted to wear this jersey, he succeeded when he was only 18 and unfortunately he left before he could make his mark and win something important.

“The challenge has remained like a bug in his heart and his mind for all these years. And when, almost unexpectedly, the opportunity to try again presented itself – at the age of 28 after two seasons as a main player with FC Internazionale – he hardly believed it. It was a chance to come full circle and being the exemplary professional that he is, he decided it was time to take on this challenge again.

“Believe it or not, the affection of the supporters and the special bond with the city of Milan made him think for a long time: but then, once he made his decision, he continued with conviction and firmness. “

While Pastorello acknowledges that the “economic aspect” was certainly not an unfortunate feature of the transfer, it was not the “main factor”.

The agent also confirms that Inter’s decision to make the deal came from above and urges loyal Nerazzurri to look back on the previous two years with tenderness rather than anger.

“Regarding FC Internazionale, I can guarantee that Sport CEO Giuseppe Marotta, sporting director Piero Ausilio – as well as coach Simone Inzaghi, who worked there personally – did everything to avoid this transfer. But there are circumstances which are beyond their scope and depend on the instructions of the owners.

“I conclude my reflection with a reflection on that day, two years ago, when Romelu Lukaku signed for Internazionale. At that time, many of those who today insult and threaten me thank me wholeheartedly for bringing him to Milan. If they had told you: ‘Romelu, having scored more than 60 goals in two seasons, brought the Club back to the top with his teammates, made it to the Europa League final and won the Italian league title he had been missing since 2010, being named MVP of the Europa League and Serie A, will leave the Nerazzurri by bringing in the finances of the Club a record sum for the Italian football market ‘ what would you have done Would you have signed right away or not?

-Federico Pastorello; source: Instagram

As we celebrate Lukaku’s arrival, let’s also use this experience to be better as fans, now and in the future. After all, football is just the most important of the least important things in life.


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