Love & Thunder – .

Love & Thunder – .

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to a host of powerful heroes and villains, but it’s also home to a delicious roster of supporting characters, and we might see one of those return to the MCU sooner rather than later. The character in question is none other than Darryl, played by actor, screenwriter and director Daley Pearson, who has made memorable appearances in several short films. Brad Winderbaum was executive producer of Thor: Ragnarok as well as those shorts, and in a new interview between Winderbaum and SlashFilm, Darryl’s name has returned, and we could very well see him around again. Thor : Love and thunder time.

When asked to Winderbaum if Taika Waititi could create another short film showing what Thor is up to between Avengers: Endgame and Thor: Love and Thunder, Winderbaum replied, “Are you talking about Darryl? “

The answer was yes, to which Winderbaum replied “Are you saying you want more Darryl?” The answer was everyone wants more Darryl, to which Winderbaum replied, “Well, maybe you could have more Darryl.” It’s possible. “

It was noted that the tone during that last part was more teasing and left things less open-ended, so it looks like we might actually see Darryl come back down the line.

Darryl first appeared in the short film Team Thor, in which Darryl dealt with life with Thor as a roommate. In this short, he tries to help Thor understand a vision he had while helping him navigate the rift between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. The next entry was Team Thor: Part 2, in which Darryl tried to teach Thor about life on Earth, including why he needed a job, because his money on Asgard wasn’t flying here.

After that, it was Team Darryl, who made Thor leave and paved the way for a new roommate in The Grandmaster. As you can imagine, Grandmaster was an even weirder roommate than Thor, but it worked in need as Grandmaster made Darryl his new bodyguard. We don’t know what happened next, but do know that we would like to see how it all plays out.

Additionally, given that Thor: Love and Thunder involves the Guardians, we might get to see Darryl interacting with them as well.

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