Liverpool customer surprised after checking pocket of new jacket he bought from Oxfam – .

Liverpool customer surprised after checking pocket of new jacket he bought from Oxfam – .

A customer was surprised after finding an unusual item in the pocket of a jacket he had just bought from Oxfam.
The man was shopping in Liverpool earlier this week when he ventured into the Bold Street charity store.

After finding and buying a gentleman’s jacket at the store, he was shocked when he checked the pockets on the way home.

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In the top pocket of the jacket he found four family photos; three black and white photos of a child, a man and a woman walking down the street.

There was also a color image of a woman sitting in a kitchen.

The man is now on a mission to return the photos to their rightful owner.

Photographs found in the jacket pocket

His niece said: “He doesn’t social media so he didn’t know how to get them back to their rightful owner.

“They were obviously important for someone to carry them – they may have passed away and a relative has since donated their clothes and forgot to check the pockets. “

Oxfam says it is always on the lookout for junk items that “might give someone the support they need to create a future without poverty.”

Oxfam’s Community and Business Engagement Manager Rachael Huttly said: “Colleagues in our stores occasionally bring people together with personally important items that have been accidentally donated, such as photos and letters.

“It’s sad if personal items are unintentionally included in donations, so it’s a good idea if people can check pockets and flip through the pages of books before donating in case things have been stowed there. down to keep them safe.

“Our Market Harborough store manager told me that she once found a love letter from the 1930s. It was very sweet and so she did some research and found that the couple had indeed married. , but unfortunately the gentleman died during WWII and the lady never remarried and died in the eighties.

“There were no children to pass on, but she found a niece who was happy to receive the letter in the family. “

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Oxfam says on its website “We love clean, good quality donations in the mail – clothes, bags and accessories (including vintage and retro items, and even bras!). The better the quality of your article, the more you will collect to help Oxfam fight poverty around the world.

“Our customers love brands like M&S, Next, Monsoon, ASOS and Topshop, Levi’s, Zara, Joules, Boden and Other Stories”

“If you know anyone who would buy it, we would love to receive it. “


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