Liverpool could use Lionel Messi’s pay solution to sign biggest stars – .

Liverpool could use Lionel Messi’s pay solution to sign biggest stars – .

How Paris Saint-Germain managed to get their feet on the greatest footballer to ever play the game in his already massive payroll during a pandemic is a topic that has given rise to many scratchings in recent days.
PSG managed the feat of landing Messi at a time when they already have Neymar Jnr and Kylian Mbappe, as well as landing Achraf Hakimi, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos and ex-Liverpool midfielder Gini Wijnaldum this summer .

Financial fair play has been the buzzword since Messi’s signing was confirmed, with PSG taking advantage of the two-year temporary loosening of UEFA rules, and with solid incomes and having spent little in the past. last summer, the French side had some leeway when it came to increasing their payroll.

But it took the numbers in numbers for it to work, and one of the methods used to bring Messi on board is one that could end up becoming more common and beneficial for clubs like Liverpool, with a huge fan base. global.

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Part of Messi’s € 25-30million signing fee in Paris after his transfer from Barcelona saw the Argentinian paid via fan tokens, a cryptocurrency that allows token holders to vote on decisions mainly minors linked to their clubs.

Manchester City, Leeds United, Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Inter Milan have already clung to the idea of ​​the fan token and more and more European elite clubs should try to catch the wave when it comes to cryptocurrency, with many clubs launching NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that sell unique digital moments as collectibles.

Liverpool’s Diogo Jota has already joined the NFT craze by partnering with Zilliqa to create exclusive digital content that users can purchase.

As clubs seek new sources of revenue in the wake of the pandemic’s impact on their bottom line, companies like Socios, which offer fan tokens and have partnered with a number of top clubs, have come out on top. and the clubs have already raked in some 200 million euros. in 2021 via fan tokens.

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Messi’s move to PSG saw sales of new fan tokens increase by € 30m (£ 25.6m), while the volumes of PSG tokens traded in the market ahead of last week’s signing were around £ 870million, according to Reuters.

The boom in the market, which critics say is extremely volatile, means Messi could earn much more from his fan chips than what was received in his welcome package, with PSG confirming that a “significant” amount of his signature on the package was formed. via fan tokens.

The biggest clubs in the world, which have the largest fan bases and the most marketable players are the ones who will benefit the most from fan tokens as a new source of income.

Although unofficial Liverpool fan tokens are available in the market, the Reds are yet to hit the nail on the head.

For Liverpool and their rivals who can really take advantage of their size by factoring in fan tokens, this opens up the possibility of offering players new packages to sweeten a deal, giving them the chance to make more money through a potential increase in the value of the tokens. .

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And if you have a lot of chips, you could make a lot of money, provided of course that the market stays strong.

Critics of Fan Tokens argue it’s about monetizing fan influence, claiming to be one way to allow supporters to have a say in decisions, but ultimately another way to dump. their wallet.

The monetary value of a token fluctuates with the market, and the value of cryptocurrency lies in its scarcity, that there is only a finite number that will ever be in circulation.

A token gives fans the ability to vote in online polls, take quizzes, or get access to specials, but they are not a way to engage in serious decision-making politics in the world. within a club.

But it’s a booming market, backed by Elon Musk and Jay-Z, and football frantically trying to find new ways to make money to try and get back to where it was before. pandemic, it is likely that more and more clubs will embark, and players may well find that the value of the tokens for the clubs they are moving to could earn them a fair amount of money when it comes to a welcome package.


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