live review of the first edition by McGuire with Kenny Omega against Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship, Britt Baker against Red Velvet for the AEW Women’s Championship, Miro against Fuego Del Ground for the TNT championship – .

live review of the first edition by McGuire with Kenny Omega against Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship, Britt Baker against Red Velvet for the AEW Women’s Championship, Miro against Fuego Del Ground for the TNT championship – .

By Colin McGuire, staff member (@McGMondays)
AEW Rampage (Episode 1)
Pittsburgh, PA at the Petersen Events Center
Broadcast live on August 13, 2021 on TNT

The opening video was shown and the broadcast crew of Taz, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and Excalibur recorded.

McGuire’s reflections: It looks like Excalibur will take care of the main commenting tasks, which is no surprise. A booth for four feels like it can get crowded, but my mind is open.

1. Kenny Omega [c} vs. Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship. Cage made his entrance first to somewhat of a luke-warm reaction by AEW standards. It appeared Jericho flubbed a little during Omega’s entrance when he sold the importance of the AEW Championship, forgetting for a second that the Impact title was being defended.

The wrestlers stood in separate corners while the crowd chanted “AEW.” Brian Hebner was the ref, representing Impact. The two locked up and Cage backed Omega into a corner before a break. Cage sunk in a side head-lock before hitting a shoulder tackle, taking Omega to the ground. Cage then flipped Omega off.

Omega hit a boot, chop and elbow to take Cage down. Omega went for the One-Winged Angel early, but Cage countered and Omega rolled to the outside. Cage chased Omega, but when the two rolled back into the ring, Kenny landed some boots to take control. Omega hit a back elbow into the corner, forcing Cage out, but Christian rolled back into the ring and dove through the ropes to hit a dropkick. Cage climbed to the top rope and Omega threw him off to the floor. [c]

During the frame in the frame, Omega kept control, but Cage hit a snap-suplex coming out of the break. Omega raised Cage to the top, but Cage hit a sunset from the top to bring Omega down. AEW stars were seen sitting in the front row. Cage straddled Omega on the ropes and landed a thousand punches.

Cage went for the Killswitch, but Omega pushed his way through and eventually hit a moonsault for one hell of a crash. Cage then hit a reverse DDT for another pretty good near drop. Cage opted for a spear, but Omega landed a knee, an electric bomb and a V-Trigger for another fall close to ‘my God’. Omega went for the one-wing angel again, but Cage unwound and eventually hit a spear for a two-count that knocked the crowd out of their minds.

Omega hit a snap-dragon suplex to regain control. He then landed another. Omega went for another, but Cage rolled outside and broke Omega’s neck on the top rope for a very high frogsplash and another near drop. Calis then distracted the referee and Omega struck a low blow. The Young Bucks then got down and threw themselves into a chair. But Cage hit the Killswitch over Omega on the chair for the final victory.

Christian Cage beat Kenny Omega to win the Impact World Championship in 15:25.

After the game, Lucha Express hit the ring to celebrate as Cage won the Impact and TNA world titles. Scott D’Amore then came over to applaud for Cage. [c]

McGuire’s reflections: Well, like I was told earlier today, don’t break my arm patting my back, but I guess Omega is dropping the AAA title tomorrow night after that loss because I still have thought that when he drops one title, he’s going to drop them all. In any case, it was good. It didn’t quite sell me for an All Out rematch, however. Christian looked so good having been through everything he’s been through and the moment was truly a feel good moment. And these nearby falls were some of the best nearby falls you’ll see all year round.

Returning from the break, Mark Henry interviewed Cage behind the scenes. Cage popped a bit of sparkling wine, which caused a stir in the crowd. Cage said it would be next to impossible to beat Omega for the AEW World Championship at All Out. Lucha Express then sprayed Cage with more Bubbly. A video of Fuego Del Sol / Miro was released to create a buzz about the TNT championship game.

2. Miro against Fuego Del Sol for the TNT championship. Miro had a somewhat flat reaction. If Sol wins, he gets an AEW contract. Sol hit his DDT tornado before the bell rang and the crowd ignited. Fuego then hit another to restart the game and Miro rolled away. Miro just beat the count of 10 to continue the game, but Sol hit another DDT tornado for a near crash.

Sol climbed to the top and went to get another one, but Miro caught up with Sol and landed a Samoan Drop. Miro pulled and hit his kick and locked the Game Over. Fuego Del Sol tapped immediately.

Miro defeated Fuego Del Sol by submission in 2:05.

After the match, Miro tore up the contract before the show went public.

McGuire’s reflections: If you don’t follow Sammy Guevara’s vlog or even BTE, you might not even know much about Fuego Del Sol and the story they told with him trying to land a job at AEW. Having said that, it was a little surprising that it was a squash. Fuego Del Sol landed his tornado DDTs and everyone erupted in the building, but once he hit the first two and the game wasn’t over, you have to understand that the inevitable was near. . Maybe a DDT surprise tornado for a win would work, but going back to the well that repeatedly did not bode well for him. Is this the last time we see him? I doubt. But if that’s true, I’m curious how he ended up with a job.

Back from the break, Del Sol was still in the ring. Sammy and Tony Khan walked in and Guevara walked into the ring with a clipboard saying Del Sol was like “1-50, but whatever, because these people love you. The crowd chanted Fuego. Sammy has officially declared that Fuego Del Sol is All Elite and the two have kissed. Del Sol seemed genuinely touched.

McGuire’s reflections: Well, that solves that.

After going through the Dynamite map, Darby Alin and Sting were shown in the rafters before moving on to a promotional video of Darby. Mark Henry then interviewed the main event contestants in split screen format. When Red Velvet spoke, the Pittsburgh crowd booed her. Brit said it doesn’t rain in Britsburg when she’s in town because it’s her home town and she’s going to come out of the night “and always” as the AEW Women’s Champion. [c]

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