Lionel Messi unveiled at PSG – live updates

Lionel Messi unveiled at PSG – live updates


… and it’s there ! Messi did it! He’s behind the desk! OH I SAY!



The crowd starts to sing – understandably, all they want to do is support their team. But for the rest of us there is a little more going on, none of it is uplifting from a distance.






Where do Parisian players tend to live? In the city or on the outskirts? I guess they might want the space as you move away from the center, but if you can afford to be in town – and I dare say Messi can do it – it seems like something he can do. is difficult to refuse.


Messi is apparently in the tunnel, but we haven’t seen him yet. More news as I get it.


We are now watching an action replay of Messi writing his name. Seriously. I would like to see from above please and can we also have an inverted angle and then paste some lines on the screen to verify that it was on the line?


They’ve crept into French now, stunning if you want my opinion. Ah, and let’s go back to English by telling ourselves that Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world. I did not know it, but I am not surprised because I remember being told that the Palace of Versailles receives more visitors than Buckingham Palace, although it is not in the capital and that ‘it didn’t house a royal family for quite a while.


Tell yourself what, this must be a serious buzz for the rest of the Parisian team. Paredes and Di Maria aren’t so much team-mates with Messi for Argentina, but the others suddenly start playing with him out of the blue. It’s like going to work and finding treats “in the usual place” every day.


Just looking at the ages of the people involved, Neymar is 29 and therefore should have two more years of being the player we know, while Messi, despite being 34, is still quite practical. He might not be as quick with the ball, but his pass is better now than it was in his prime and his finish, especially at around 18-25 yards, probably is too, all like his free kicks.


I wonder if Messi had any other offers or if he received them. Part of me is surprised that he is so eager to move on to Ligue 1 – I doubt that many players choose him over Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Premeer League. Presumably, Paris offered him the most money, but I’m surprised he doesn’t want to play where football is the most fun – and I doubt that’s where he ended up, so many seasons boil down to a few big games in Europe. In any event, the crown appears to rebalance the world game further in favor of oil clubs Paris, Chelsea and Man City – realistically only Man United and Bayern Munich have the resources and reputation to keep them from floundering when everyone, the Spanish giant, in particular, is sick.


The presenter continues to refer to “Ney” as if they were boys; maybe they are. But imagine growing up in a Scottish playground with the name Nae ma.


There are fans out of the ground and Omar da Fonseca, an Argentinian who played a season for Paris in 85-86, singing the name of Messi. Ah, and we cut off and there’s actually a lot of people out there, bouncing back.



Mauricio Pochettino, however. Gets fired from Spurs not having won now, gets the job in Paris and avoids winning the league but takes a Champions League do… and now he manages perhaps the greatest player of all time. Imagine if he manages to repeat! It will be interesting to see, however, how far he imposes the rigorous pressing and running that worked so well at Spurs – are Messi and Neymar still capable? – and whether it’s Messi on the right and Mbappé in the middle, or vice versa.


Thanks Tom and hello everyone. “Lionel Messi is playing for Paris Saint-Germain” is one of those strange and rare phrases that simultaneously make you say “You what ?! and of course ! », Both the opposite of football and the apotheosis of football. Unlike the majority of our greatest footballers – Garrincha, Pelé, Best, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Ronaldinho – Messi represents a small bar good at football, so in a sense the Parc des Princes is the perfect home for him. Of course, the supporters of PSG and the city of Paris give the club a unique identity, but for the majority of others that doesn’t mean much. But here we are, so here we are.





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