Lewis Hamilton backs Sebastian Vettel after F1 reprimand for ‘same love’ t-shirt

Lewis Hamilton backs Sebastian Vettel after F1 reprimand for ‘same love’ t-shirt

Lewis Hamilton has targeted Formula 1 governing body, harshly criticizing his decision to reprimand Sebastian Vettel for wearing a t-shirt in support of the LGBTQ + community ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Four-time world champion Vettel wore a rainbow T-shirt of the ‘same love’ during the Hungarian national anthem on Sunday. According to FIA rules, drivers are allowed to wear a message that conveys the sport’s We Race As One initiative during the pre-race ceremony. But the clothes must be taken off for the national anthem.

Vettel was called in to see the flight attendants. He explained that he forgot to take off his T-shirt because of the onset of rain. Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll were also reprimanded after failing to remove their We Race As One t-shirts.

Vettel, who was stripped of his second place due to a fuel violation, told Sky Sports: “I’m happy if they disqualify me. They can do whatever they want with me, I don’t care. I would do it again. “

In a now deleted Instagram post, Hamilton posted in support of Vettel. The British rider said: “Super proud of this guy. There is no rule that says what color of shirt you can wear and support the LGBTQ + community is not wrong [sic]. It’s bs. Well done, Seb. I will join you next time with the same shirt.

Hamilton then updated his post, writing, “I love seeing this Seb supporting the LGBTQ + community. Love always wins. “

The English rider starts the sport’s summer break with an eight-point lead over Max Verstappen after Sunday’s chaotic race. The seven-time world champion ran from last to third – outclassed second after Vettel’s disqualification – with a supreme recovery run.

Hamilton will now use the four-week break to recharge his batteries after revealing he was suffering from long-lasting symptoms of Covid-19.


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