Landmark Cinemas Provides Three Tier Cinematic Rewards Program, With Subscription Option – .

Landmark Cinemas Provides Three Tier Cinematic Rewards Program, With Subscription Option – .

Landmark Cinemas is launching a new rewards program designed to keep moviegoers coming back to theaters.

The Calgary-based multiplex operator announced next month that it plans to launch Landmark Extras, a three-tier loyalty club that includes an optional monthly membership program with various discounts and savings.

The launch comes as the Canadian film screening industry looks for ways to get people to see more movies on the big screen as the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping more people at home, which has a additional impact on already evolving viewing habits.

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The lowest tier of Landmark Extras is Movie Fan, a free membership that collects points for every dollar spent on tickets and concessions.

Members can then upgrade to the Movie Insider level, a $ 20 annual membership that includes one free ticket each year and 50% additional points for admission and food and drink purchases.

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Movie Club is the highest tier, priced at $ 9.99 per month. It offers members free entry credit each month, discounted companion tickets and higher points and concession discounts.

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Landmark is the country’s second-largest cinema chain with 42 theaters and 325 screens in western Canada, Ontario and the Yukon.

The plan comes after larger Cineplex Inc. announced it would launch its own monthly subscription program on Wednesday.

CineClub will cost $ 9.99 per month and offer members one free movie each month, as well as cheaper “member-priced” tickets and 20% off concessionary items.

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Subscription movie subscriptions have been around for years in the United States with mixed results.

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MoviePass, a company independent of U.S. exhibitors, offered a flat-rate subscription model that allowed audiences to get one free movie every day, but the company filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

The American movie chain AMC operates its own three tier loyalty program with various incentives and rewards.

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