Kourtney Kardashian tears up fans who say she’s pregnant – .

Kourtney Kardashian tears up fans who say she’s pregnant – .

Kourtney posted a series of photos with the caption “Say hello to my closet”. The closet wasn’t even visible to some of her fans, who dissected her image and somehow thought she had a baby on board.

Call us crazy, but we just don’t see it… at all.

Kourtney decided to strike back with more than denial… she made a statement about men needing to understand certain basics – “I’m a woman with a BODY. “

The Kardashians are sort of winless, as a bunch of fans have jumped to the conclusion this week that Kylie was pregnant, but not because of a photo she posted. Their conclusion was based on the fact that she had NOT posted a picture of herself at her birthday party. As we told you, the only photo Kylie posted on her comic was a photo taken in the past.

BTW… the Kylie mystery is much more interesting. She was super secret on her pregnancy with Storms, and she is back with Travis Scott and it’s weird she shows all the attributes of his birthday partyincluding sushi and cocktails, but never showed up.


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